Big Brother 2023: Who nominated who this week

Here’s a full run down of who nominated who on Big Brother 2023 this week.

Sixteen brand new housemates entered the new Big Brother house earlier this month for the first series of the iconic reality show in five years.

As ever, each week they’ll head to the Diary Room to nominate their fellow housemates for eviction.

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The two or more housemates with the most votes will face the public vote via the Big Brother app – as ever, who goes, you decide!

Who nominated who – week six

In week six, housemates nominated face to face with Jenkin, Jordan and Tom facing the public vote. Two more will be heading home in another eviction.

Henry nominated Jenkin and Noky.

Jenkin nominated Jordan and Henry.

Jordan and Matty both nominated Jenkin and Olivia.

Noky nominated Henry and Tom.

Olivia nominated Matty and Jordan.

Tom nominated Noky and Jordan.

Yinrun nominated Jenkin and Tom.

Therefore Jenkin received four nominations and Jordan four nominations. Henry, Tom, Noky and Olivia all received two nominations. As three housemates needed to be up, Matty and Yinrun had to decide who to nominate of the tied housemates. They chose to nominate Tom.


Who nominated who – week five

In the the fifth week, Jekkin, Noky, Olivia, Chanelle and Trish faced a double eviction. Jenkin was nominated as part of a Hunger Games task.

Jenkin nominated Jordan and Trish.

Trish and Noky both nominated Chanelle and Tom.

Matty nominated Olivia and Jordan.

Tom nominated Trish and Noky.

Yinrun nominated Chanelle and Noky.

Chanelle nominated Trish and Yinrun.

Henry nominated Noky and Olivia.

Jordan nominated Chanelle and Olivia.

Olivia was banned form nominating for breaking the rules.

Therefore Chanelle received four nominations and Noky, Trish and Olivia received three nominations.

Additionally, Jordan and Tom received two nominations and Yinrun the one nominations.


Who nominated who – week four

In the the fourth week, Dylan, Noky, Paul and Trish were nominated for a double eviction.

Henry, Noky, Yinrun and Trish all nominated Dylan and Paul.

Olivia nominated Trish and Noky.

Chanelle nominated Dylan and Trish.

Matty nominated Olivia and Dylan.

Jenkin nominated Dylan and Noky.

Dylan, Paul and Tom all nominated Trish and Noky.

Jordan nominated Jenkin and Noky.

Therefore Dylan received seven nominations, Noky received six nominations, Trish received five nominations and Paul received four nominations.

Additionally, Olivia and Jenkin both received one nomination.


Who nominated who – week three

In the the third week, Hallie, Trish and Dylan were nominated after the remaining housemates were asked to give two nominations each. However, due to rule breaking, Yinrun’s nominations were discounted.

First to vote was Chanelle who nominated Hallie and Noky.

Next, Jordan nominated Hallie and Jenkin.

Kerry nominated Trish and Dylan.

Trish and Noky both nominated Chanelle and Dylan.

Yinrun nominated Hallie and Kerry. However her nominations were later discounted.

Henry nominated Paul and Noky.

Olivia nominated Dylan and Matty.

Matty nominated Olivia and Kerry.

Paul nominated Trish and Noky.

Dylan nominated Trish and Kerry.

Hallie nominated Henry and Tom.

Finally, both Tom and Jenkin nominated Trish and Hallie.

Therefore Trish received five nominations, Dylan received four and Hallie received four nominations.

Additionally, Noky received 3 nominations and Kerry and Chanelle two nominations. Paul, Olivia, Matty, Tom, Henry and Jenkin all received one nomination. Jordan and Yinrun did not receive any nominations.


Who nominated who – week two

In the second week, Henry and Zak were nominated after the remaining housemates were asked to give two nominations each.

First up, Jenkin nominated Henry and and Zak.

Second to vote was Tom who nominated Hallie and Jordan.

Hallie and Chanelle both nominated Zak and Trish.

Henry nominated Zak and Paul.

Yinrun nominated Kerry and Noky.

Nominations continued as Noky voted Henry and Jordan.

Paul nominated Trish and Jordan.

Matty nominated Olivia and Kerry.

Kerry nominated Zak and Matty.

Olivia nominated Matty and Henry.

Trish nominated Kerry and Paul.

Jordan nominated Paul and Noky.

Zak nominated Hallie and Olivia.

Lastly, Dylan nominated Matty and Henry.

Therefore Zak received five nominations and Henry received four nominations so both faced eviction.

Additionally, Jordan, Trish, Paul and Matty had three nominations. Noky, Hallie and Olivia received two nominations each.


Who nominated who – week one

In the first week, Farida and Kerry were nominated after all sixteen housemates were asked to give one nomination. As Olivia won immunity in a launch night task, she could not be nominated.

Chanelle, Matty, Yinrun, Noky, Farida nominated Kerry.

Hallie, Henry, Dylan, Paul, Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Kerry nominated Farida.

Trish was next and nominated Paul.

Zak‘s first nomination of the series was Henry.

Jordan was next and nominated Paul.

Therefore, Kerry received 5 nominations and Farida received 8 nominations and so faced eviction.

Additionally, Paul received two nominations and Henry the one nomination.

Who goes will be revealed in Friday night’s live show, hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best.

Big Brother airs at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday – Friday nights.

Alongside the nightly highlights show, each evening will see AJ and Will host spin-off Big Brother: Late & Live before live streaming direct from the house is available on ITVX.

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