Big Brother 2023 spoiler: Two housemates face first eviction


Two housemates have been nominated for the first Big Brother 2023 eviction.

This year’s sixteen housemates nominated for the first time today as each headed to the Diary Room to secretly cast their votes.

Receiving the most nominations, two housemates now face this week’s eviction.

Big Brother's Farida and Kerry

Who’s up for eviction on Big Brother this week?

Farida and Kerry will face the public vote in Friday night’s episode.

Viewers will vote to evict with the one receiving the most votes becoming the first housemate to depart the house in the live show.

Olivia was immune from the vote after winning a task at the start of the week.

Nominations followed tension in the house after the first shopping task of the series.

It saw the housemates take up jobs at ‘Big Bros Ltd’, with some taking the role of ‘Big Wigs’ and others ‘Bottoms’ who had to complete a series of menial tasks.

The housemates passed the task but it didn’t stop the arguments as clashes ensued over the shopping list.

Olivia proposed: “I did feel like the people who were on the bottom should have top priority over that kind of situation. Feel free to disagree, but a lot of the bottoms felt the same way, and some of the Middles felt the same way.”

Farida disagreed: “If I had to do their job, what they did would have been a nightmare for me – the Big Wigs.”

To which Olivia snapped: “What? Eating like a king?”

Big Brother 2023 continues Sunday – Fridays at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

The first live eviction of the series will take place on Friday, 13 October.

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