Can you win The 1% Club?


Take on the challenge of answering questions inspired by ITV’s The 1% Club and see how well you could do on the show!

1. Which of these words could logically join this list: Bear, Flour, Mail, Knight

2. Complete this sequence: S M H D W M

3. In a code language, if CAT is written as 3120, how would DOG be written?

4. Which of these letters comes next in the sequence: A, C, F, J, __?

5. Which of these words is the odd one out: Level, Rotator, Madam, Banana

6. If Earth has a Heart, which body part does Mars have?

7. A couple have three daughters. Each has one brother. How many children do the couple have in total?

8. If APPLE = 50 and BANANA = 60, what does ORANGE =?

9. If 3 cats can catch 3 mice in 3 minutes, how many cats are needed to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?

10. Which of these words can logically join this list: Rose, Bow, Palm, Bass


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