Apply for Race Across The World: Applications open NOW!

Race Across the World logo.
Race Across the World logo. Credit: Studio Lambert

Here’s how to apply to take part in BBC One’s hit series Race Across The World.

Race Across The World sees pairs of contestants racing from a start line in one part of the world to the finish thousands of miles away – all without the use of air travel or any of the trappings of modern day life.

Leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and credit cards, they must navigate their way through the varied landscapes of countries at ground level, with only the cash equivalent of the airfare to their final destination. The first team to arrive wins a cash prize.

race across the world

Ahead of the fourth series airing on TV, a fifth series is now inviting applications.

Apply for Race Across the World

You must be at least 18-year-old to apply.

You can apply online via the BBC website here.

The BBC say: “We are now accepting applications for the next series of Race Across the World, and this incredible experience is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or total novice. With a cash prize at stake, we want to know what lengths you would go to reach the next checkpoint in first place.

“Maybe you’re looking to change something in your life? Or are keen to share the journey with someone special like a family member, work colleague, best friend, or someone you’ve lost touch with. You may even have a very personal reason for wanting to explore a particular part of the world.”

The closing date for applications is 5 May 2024.

In the mean time, the most recent series of Race Across The World is available iPlayer.

The most recent outing of Race Across The World saw the teams going across Canada, travelling from the very edge of the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver to the rugged Atlantic coast, North America’s most easterly city – St John’s Newfoundland.