Big Brother spoiler! Yinrun faces nomination punishment after rule break


Yirun has become the latest housemate to face punishment for rule breaking on Big Brother.

Yinrun was sent to jail in the garden by Big Brother in the house today.

She was locked in a red cage after Big Brother revealed her rule break to the rest of the house.

Yinrun in the Diary Room

What’s more, Yinrun’s latest nominations were revoked and will no longer count this week.

What Yinrun did to get the punishment and how her void nominations will change who is up for eviction on Friday will be revealed in Wednesday night’s (25 October) highlights show.

The two or more housemates who end up receiving the most nominations will face the next public vote.

Ahead of the nominations reveal, Kerry is the favourite to be evicted next.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

In the most recent show tonight, after an argument with Olivia about the shopping task, Paul and Olivia were on tense terms. Paul shared his frustrations with Trish, upset over Olivia’s apparent double standards. Trish comforted him, reminding him to stay self-compassionate.

Meanwhile, Olivia told Big Brother she expected an apology from Paul for his outburst. Later, Kerry tried advising Paul to clear things with Olivia. Paul acknowledged his anger but remained firm in his stance.

Elsewhere, housemates speculated about a connection between Henry and Jordan. Observing the two, Jenkin and Hallie mused about them being a couple. Tom chimed in, suggesting it’d be interesting if they were.

In a discreet moment, Henry and Jordan then shared a goodnight kiss, with Jordan playfully attempting to avoid the camera’s gaze.

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