Big Brother SPOILER! Henry and Jordan in secret kiss

Henry and Jordan share a kiss on tonight’s Big Brother.

In tonight’s episode, the pair are seen in a sneaky embrace as they get ready for bed.

However their closeness hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other housemates.



Some of the group are beginning to speculate about the possibility of a budding romance between the duo.

Sitting across from the pair in the garden, Jenkin ponders to Hallie: “Do you reckon them two would be a cute couple?”

“I’ve always thought that you know!” she responds.

“You can just tell they have a really good relationship,” Jenkin posits. When Tom approaches, they ask him what he thinks. “I don’t know…. It would be cool if they were!”

Later, just before bed and unbeknownst to their fellow housemates, Henry and Jordan share their most tender moment to date – a kiss as they say good night to each other.

“Can’t kiss on camera, sorry” Jordan says coyly.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITVX!

Elsewhere tonight, the results of the latest shopping task are revealed to the house.

Olivia in the Diary Room

The past two days has seen the group dressed as ants and split into two colonies as they competed both against each other and as a whole to win a luxury budget.

The winning colony will also get the power to take charge of the shopping list.

Meanwhile this evening, Olivia shares her frustration with Big Brother in the Diary Room after her argument with Paul. She says: “It’s driving me crazy. He owes me an apology for screaming in my face.”

Later that day, Kerry talks to Paul, urging him to have a conversation with his friend. Paul replies: “I don’t want to be distant from Olivia, but I’ll be honest with her shortly and let her know she upset me, which is why I stood up and got upset.”

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