Big Brother spoilers! Shopping task results and a new twist

The results of the latest Big Brother shopping task are in.

In this week’s shopping task, the house had transformed into an ant kingdom. Housemates, known as ‘Ten-Ants’ as referenced by ‘Bug’ Brother, dressed up as ants and were divided into two colonies.

The blue team was comprised of Paul, Jenkin, Jordan, Trish, Noky, Olivia, and Kerry, while the orange team consisted of Henry, Matty, Tom, Dylan, Hallie, Chanelle, and Yinrun.


Each team had to select a ‘Queen Ant,’ and both Noky and Chanelle assumed this role, occupying their respective thrones.

They took part in a series of challenges to determine the winning colony, as well as working together to pass the task and win a luxury shopping budget.

It last night’s Big Brother: Late & Live, it was revealed that the housemates have FAILED the shopping task. They will therefore get a basic shopping budget.

However there was still a winning colony and in a new twist, Big Brother announced that only they would be able to order food for the house this week.

Who is in control of the shopping budget will be revealed in tonight’s highlights show.

The two colonies will also be seen completing more challenges, with the winners getting an advantage in the final head-to-head race.


Meanwhile last night’s show saw the task cause arguments as Paul lost his cool with some of the other housemates.

He ranted over the group taking the challenge ‘too seriously’: “You’re starting over nothing. Everyone’s serious. We’re dressed up as ants. We look like d**kheads, mate, and you’s are all arguing over stupid, petty s**t…

“You’re treating me like I’m some k**bhead, do you think I’m a d**khead?”

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX with AJ Odudu and Will Best hosting Late & Live straight after. The third live eviction will take place on Friday.

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