Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers – Olivia confronts Paul, secret kiss and shopping shock

It’s another bumper packed episode of Big Brother on ITV2 tonight – here’s your daily spoiler-filled preview.


Yesterday we saw tensions between Olivia and Paul continue to escalate following a heated argument over adherence to the rules of this week’s shopping task.

In tonight’s episode, Paul, seeking solace, confided in fellow contestant Trish about the situation.


He expressed his feelings of frustration, saying: “I came over to [her] when [she] was crying the other day when [she] had beef with Noky, and now [she’s] sat with Noky laughing at me. That’s when I got riled up because this is patronising now.”

Paul further revealed that the situation had pushed him to a point he usually avoids, saying: “They pushed me to a point where I don’t like to go and I don’t want to go.”

Trish offered words of comfort and encouragement, suggesting to Paul: “You have to give yourself grace because the world won’t,” before embracing him in a comforting hug.


On the other side of the house, Olivia sought refuge in the Diary Room to vent her frustrations. She candidly admitted: “It’s doing my nut in. He owes me an apology for screaming in my face.”

Olivia and Paul

Later in the day, Kerry attempted to mediate between Paul and Olivia, encouraging Paul to have an honest conversation with Olivia. Paul seemed receptive to the idea, stating: “I don’t want to be off with Olivia, but I’ll be honest with her in a minute and tell her she pissed me off, and that’s why I stood up and flipped.”

Meanwhile there’s news from ‘Bug Brother’ as housemates learn they have FAILED this week’s shopping task.

However, the winning team will still get to control the budget, deciding what to buy for the week ahead on their basic allowance.

Elsewhere tonight, some housemates begin to speculate about a budding romance between contestants Henry and Jordan.

Big Brother Jordan and Henry


Later, just before bedtime, and unbeknownst to their fellow housemates, Henry and Jordan shared a tender moment—a kiss—as they bid each other good night. Jordan playfully remarked, “Can’t kiss on camera, sorry.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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