Big Brother spoilers! Jenkin faces eviction, Chanelle immune after new twist

A birthday bash turned into a Hunger Games showdown on Big Brother tonight.


In Sunday’s latest episode, Big Brother boomed through the speakers: “Welcome to the Big Brother Hunger Games,” signalling a day of festive rivalry and intense competition.

The house had been ingeniously transformed into an arena reminiscent of the famed Hunger Games. In a twist of fate and fiction, housemates were now ‘tributes’, poised to compete against each other in a gruelling series of tasks that will test their mettle and strategy.

Big Brother housemates at the table

The contest was one of high stakes: one housemate would be nominated for eviction, while another would secure immunity from the next round of elimination.

The housemates split into two factions. Making up District A were Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky and Tom. On District B were birthday boy Jenkin, alongside Jordan, Olivia, Trish, and Yinrun.

As the day unfolded, the housemates faced off in challenges designed to push their dexterity, balance, risk-taking, strength, and endurance to the limit.


District A won the challenge and chose to award Chanelle with immunity. She is therefore safe from the next eviction.

As losers, District B had to nominate one of their group face to face. Jenkin was nominated for the next eviction by Jordan, Trish and Yinrun. Olivia and Jenkin nominated Jordan. Therefore Jenkin is now facing eviction.

Meanwhile, the house was still reeling from the recent eviction of Paul and Dylan, with many housemates particularly shaken by Paul’s departure.

A distraught Olivia confided in Tom, insinuating that a conspiracy led by “those two girls” was to blame.

Olivia and Tom

Trish, foreseeing another nomination, made a jest about re-wearing her eviction dresses, which drew laughter from Henry but a cold response from Tom, who was upset by what he perceived as insensitivity.

“They’re f***ing giggling right now. I can’t do this,” he snapped.


Trish said to Noky: “I think they were sure the public would hate me like they don’t like me. And so I feel like I’m going to be up for nomination again.”

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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