Big Brother 2023 results! TWO housemates voted off in double eviction

Two housemates have been evicted from Big Brother 2023 in the latest live results.

This week saw four housemates facing a double eviction following the latest round of nominations on Wednesday.

Noky, Paul, Dylan and Trish all faced the public vote and AJ Odudu and Will Best announced the results live on ITV2 and ITVX on Friday night.

AJ and Will in tonight's Big Brother live show

Who was evicted from Big Brother this week?

In the live show (3 November), it was Paul and Dylan who was evicted.

Paul was first to be evicted, becoming the fifth housemate to leave the house with the crowd chanting ‘Get Paul Out’.

He kissed and hugged his fellow housemates before departing the house.

Next, AJ and Will return to the house to announce a second housemate would be leaving, with Dylan the second housemate to depart.

While Paul and Dylan both got boos from the crowd, the live audience cheered for Trish and Noky.

The pair join Kerry in leaving this week after she departed in a surprise Halloween eviction on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in Friday’s show, there was a big bust up between Paul and Trish.

The tension began with Yinrun successfully completing a secret mission assigned by Big Brother, which led to her hosting a party. After passing the task, she chose six housemates to join her, leaving out Olivia and Paul, who looked on from above with Matty, Henry, and Jordan. Feeling excluded, Paul expressed his frustration by tossing balls of cling film at those celebrating.

Paul’s aggravation didn’t stop there; he took it a step further by threatening to pour away two cocktails from the party. This action caused Jenkin to confront him about his childish behaviour.

In the midst of the turmoil, Trish accused Paul of being a bully, pointing out his awareness of his behaviour. Paul defensively questioned this accusation, leading to a further exchange between the two.

Meanwhile, Trish got real with Jordan about his ‘love triangle’ with Matty and Henry.

Big Brother returns with its next highlights show on Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. However, live feed will return online from 9PM on Saturday.

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