Big Brother spoilers as house erupts in HUGE argument

What happened on Big Brother!

Paul and Trish erupt in a MASSIVE argument on tonight’s Big Brother.

The drama begins when Yinrun is set a secret mission by Big Brother to win herself a party.

While Yinrun passes, Big Brother informs her only six housemates can attend. She chooses Chanelle, Jenkin, Tom, Trish, Dylan and Noky.

Disgruntled at their lack of invite, Olivia and Paul watch on at the party below from the upstairs area with Matty, Henry and Jordan.

The Big Brother housemates
The Big Brother housemates while the argument took place off camera

Things begin to heat up when Paul throws balls of cling film down at the party goers, ranting: “Your little d**khead party, I’m sick of it.”

He then comes downstairs into the party and takes two of the cocktails over to the sink, suggesting he might pour them down the drain. “Let’s play a game,” he teases.

Jenkin hits out: “Play your own f**king game, you prick. Paul, grow the f**k up you f**king child.”

As Noky watches the drama unfold, Paul snaps at her: “What are you staring at?” You’re strange, you just stare at me and don’t say a word.. Weird.”

Meanwhile Trish hits out at Paul: “You are a bully” to which Paul asks: “Why am I a bully?”

Trish responds: “You know why you’re a bully, don’t act stupid.”

“Calm your voice down Trish,” Paul replies before continuing: “Are you talking about Noky, is that what you’re talking about?”

Trish goes on: “So you know? So you know who you’ve been bullying? You are a bully.”

The duo’s explosive verbal altercation carries on before they part ways, each retreating to their own cliques to debrief the night’s drama and ponder its implications for their remaining days in the house.

For those eager to witness the full fiery exchange between Trish and Paul, tune in to tonight’s unique live DOUBLE eviction event.

It will be broadcast simultaneously on ITV1, ITV2, and ITVX at 9PM this evening, hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best.

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, Trish gets real with Jordan about his love triangle.

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