Big Brother UK live feed taken off air after massive argument


A huge argument erupted in the Big Brother house last night (Thursday) that saw the show’s live feed taken off air.

When spin-off show Big Brother: Late & Live crossed live to the house we saw Trish in a bitter row with another housemate, branding them a bully.

She was overheard shouting at someone off camera: “So you know who you’ve been bullying, you’ve been attempting to bully… You’re a bully”

Big Brother's Trish

Trish continued: “You are a bully, you’re a bully and it’s not fair.”

It’s not clear who Trish was clashing with but we can rule out Dylan, Yinrun, Chanelle, Jenkin and Tom who were all seen in the clip watching the argument unfold.

Later on and host Will Best revealed that they had been ‘banned’ from returning to the camera runs due to the action in the house getting ‘a little too spicy’.

This was followed by the show’s live feed being replaced by bird songs and stock footage, leaving us all in the dark about what has happened in the house.

Some viewers have speculated that someone may have ended up being removed from the house, but there’s been no official word on what has gone down.

For now, watch this space!

Big Brother week four nomination results

Big Brother is currently scheduled to return at 9PM on Friday night with a double eviction.

Trish faces the axe alongside Dylan, Paul and Noky.

The the latest round of nominations earlier this week, Dylan received the most nominations with seven from Henry, Noky, Chanelle, Matty, Jenkin, Yinrun and Trish.

Noky received six votes from Olivia, Jenkin, Dylan, Paul, Jordan and Tom while Trish received five nominations from Olivia, Chanelle, Dylan, Paul and Tom. It followed the pair being dropped in it by Big Brother after last weekend’s Halloween twist saw them dish out three nominations that ended with a surprise eviction.

Finally, Paul received four nominations from Noky, Henry, Yinrun and Trish.

Housemates are currently unaware that TWO will be kicked out in the first double eviction of the series on Friday evening.

AJ Odudu and Will Best will host the live show from 9PM across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX.

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