Big Brother 2023 results! Fourth celebrity voted off in surprise eviction

Who left Big Brother

Here’s who was voted out of Big Brother 2023 in tonight’s surprise eviction.


In yesterday’s episode, Noky and Trish made some ‘killer nominations’ as part of a Halloween twist.

The pair’s decision to secretly nominate Olivia, Kerry and Dylan left the trio facing the next eviction, unaware of the impending public vote.

Big Brother's Noky pretends to be shocked

In tonight’s show, the veil over Noky and Trish’s clandestine nominations was lifted. Olivia, Dylan, and Kerry were summoned to Big Brother’s eerie Room 101.

Here, all the housemates learned that these nominations came from two ‘possessed’ members among them.

Trying to maintain her facade, Noky feigned astonishment upon hearing the news, exclaiming in disbelief. Yet, her act crumbled when Big Brother disclosed that it was indeed she and Trish who were the ‘possessed’ culprits.


Who left Big Brother?

Big Brother then announced that with the most votes, Kerry was evicted from the house.

She reacted: “Thank you, thank you… I’m ready to go. I hold no grudges against Trish and Noky… Thank you for the most amazing experience.”


Kerry was instructed to get into a giant coffin before departing the house.

Ahead of returning to the rest of the housemates, Olivia commented: “I definitely share a bed with one of these people so I’m quite shocked that they would choose me… I can’t wait to go back to the house now.”

In the aftermath of the result and revelation, emotions remained heightened within the house. A heated argument erupted between two housemates, while others engaged in hushed conversations.

Paul, unreserved in sharing his scepticism, branded Noky “fake as f**k”. Trish, feeling defensive, confronted Dylan, alleging insincerity on their part.


Amid the chaos, Noky chose to maintain a low profile, opting for silence rather than engaging in further confrontation.


Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

The evicted housemate will speak about their time in the house and their surprise exit in spin-off show Big Brother: Late & Live tonight at 10PM with Will Best.

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