Three housemates facing surprise Big Brother eviction REVEALED


The trio of housemates facing a surprise Big Brother eviction tonight have been revealed.

This week will see a shock Halloween twist shake up the house, ending with one housemate leaving out the backdoor.

One housemate has become ‘possessed’ and been given the job of secretly nominating three of their fellow housemates

Noky gets the ultimate power

In tonight’s episode, Big Brother called one housemate to the Diary Room. Noky was the one to arrive.

Noky & Trish

Noky became ‘possessed’ and had to choose an accomplice to help them complete their mission. Noky chose to partner with Trish.

Under instructions from Big Brother, Noky and Trish covertly sneaked into the bathroom in the early hours of the night where a secret passage was revealed.

Upon entering the secret space, the pair then had to select three of their fellow housemates to receive ‘Killer Nominations’, meaning all three would face the eviction.

Who’s up for eviction on Big Brother?

Noky and Trish chose to give the three killer nominations to Olivia, Dylan and Kerry.

They will now face a 20-minute flash vote via the Big Brother app tonight.

The one housemate who receives the most votes from the public will be shown the door.

They will leave in a surprise eviction unaware they have even been nominated. They will exit without any life crowd or fanfare.

Noky and Trish make their decisions

Who goes and the reaction from the other housemates will play out in Tuesday night’s highlights show (31 October) from 9PM. The evictee will then chat on spin-off show Late & Live.

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, evicted housemates Farida, Zak and Hallie made a surprise return as ‘ghosts’ with messages to share.

There were also more rows over food and cleaning up as tensions between the group grew as they entered their fourth week together.

Meanwhile, the usual eviction on Friday will see another housemates booted out ahead of the Big Brother final next month. The public will ultimately crown the winner who will leave the house £100,000 richer.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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