Evicted Big Brother housemates return for Halloween task

Evicted Big Brother housemates make a return tonight as part of a Halloween-themed shopping task


Yesterday saw the housemates gathered at the sofas by Big Brother where the voice announced: “This is evil Big Brother. Welcome to Halloween. Welcome to Hell.”

He continued: “For this week’s shopping task you must all experience the terrifying horrors of my Room 101.

“Not all of you will survive.”

Big Brother Halloween task

The house has been transformed with Halloween decorations with gravestones, skeletons and no shortage of pumpkins.

As part of the task, evicted housemates Hallie, Farida and Zak will make a return to deliver a message from beyond the grave.


The housemates take part in a group séance, sitting around a giant Ouija board to speak to the ghosts of housemates past.

Faria declares: “Housemates beware. Someone is manipulating the younger housemates who are following them like sheep.

“We all know who she’s talking about, let’s not be silly,” Dylan quipped, suggesting the message was about Kerry.

Zak then appears: “Housemates beware. Someone is acting all quiet but is actually whispering in people’s ears. It’s the quiet ones you need to be afraid of.”

Finally, Hallie warns: “Housemates beware. Somebody’s very two faced. They talk about you behind your back but they’re nice to your face.”

Meanwhile, the task will also see a MAJOR eviction twist.



One housemate will become ‘possessed’ by Big Brother and have to act in secret away from the other housemates.

They’ll have to nominate three of their fellow housemates to immediately face the next eviction.

The nominated housemates will be unaware they’re up for the axe with a flash public vote taking place during tonight’s (Monday) Big Brother spin-off show Late & Live.

The one housemate with the most votes will be shown the (back) door as they leave in a shock eviction that’s sure to cause chaos in the house.

Big Brother continues nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9PM. Join AJ Odudu on Late & Live from 11PM to see who is up for the surprise eviction and make your vote count!


Currently 13 housemates remain in the show: Jordan, Henry, Tom, Chanelle, Jenkin, Trish, Noky, Yinrun, Kerry, Matty, Dylan, Olivia and Paul.

A final date for the Big Brother series has been set for 17 November ahead of the return of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

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