Big Brother UK live feed bird sounds explained

big brother housemates in the living area on the live feed

Here’s why the audio on the Celebrity Big Brother live feed is often muted and replaced with bird sounds.


Celebrity Big Brother has returned for with a brand new series, now airing nightly on ITV1 and ITVX Sunday – Friday nights.

Alongside the show’s return, fan favourite live feed has made a comeback, streaming each evening online via ITVX direct from the house.

The CBB housemates in the living area

However often the audio of the feed is muted, with the housemates’ conversations replaced with the sound of birds.

Why does the Big Brother live feed have bird sounds?

The bird noises on the Big Brother live feed are used to block out comments and remarks by the housemates that cannot be aired on TV (and online).

There are a number of reasons why conversations may not make it to air.


They include offensive language and slurs as well as the privacy of those on the outside world who may be spoken about.

Additionally, copyright means that housemates singing cannot be aired while branding rules mean the naming and discussion of companies may also be omitted.

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 cast

When to watch Big Brother’s live feed

Big Brother’s live feed is available nightly on ITV’s ITVX streaming platform.

It typically begins at 11PM after the end of the spin-off show Big Brother: Late & Live and runs to 2AM. On Saturday nights, live feed begins at 9PM.

The live feed will come direct from the newly designed Big Brother house.

At the heart of the living space, there’s a contemporary circular seating area where housemates gather to discover their fate during live eviction nights, hosted by new presenters AJ Odudu and Will Best.


A noteworthy addition to the house is an upstairs area, a first in Big Brother history. This upper level boasts a glass wall, allowing housemates to peer into the communal living area below.

Furthermore, the house features a plush bedroom with a variety of single and double beds. Additionally, there’s a spacious pampering station where housemates can relax, catch up on the latest happenings with their fellow contestants, and prepare themselves for another day in the house.

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