Big Brother’s Kerry speaks out after shock eviction

Kerry has spoken out after her surprise Big Brother eviction tonight.

Yesterday saw Noky and Trish secretly nominate three housemates as part of a shock Halloween shake up.

Olivia, Kerry and Dylan were put up for the public vote and tonight all was revealed to the house.

Big Brother eviction

With the most votes, it was Kerry who was voted off Big Brother and left via a coffin in Brother’s eerie Room 101.

After her exit, Kerry appeared on Big Brother’s Late & Live tonight for her first interview.

Insisting she was happy to leave, Kerry said: “Honestly, I am genuinely, I was so ready to come out. It was the best experience, ever. I wouldn’t change a thing… but I was ready to get out.”

She added: “Please believe me when I say I was ready. The fatigue was real, I hadn’t been sleeping and I needed to leave the house [but] I’m not a quitter.”

Asked why she felt Trish and Noky had nominated her, Kerry said: “In my head, I want to think that they were like ‘She’s ready to go’ when truthfully they were probably thinking ‘She’s moaning, she wants everyone to go to sleep and goes on about tofu’,” before admitting she had spent a lot of time complaining about Noky’s vegan cheese.

Kerry went on to praise Hallie and Olivia, despite also cheekily branding the pair “k**bheads”.

She gushed about Hallie, who was evicted last Friday: “She was my little bit of home. Every night she told me she loved me, every night I told her I loved her back. She’s just the best.”

Finally, asked who she thinks will win, Kerry said: “I am going with Olivia. My mum heart says Liv although my head heart says Yinrun.”

Big Brother's Noky pretends to be shocked

Elsewhere in the episode tonight and the aftermath of the eviction saw a HUGE argument erupt between Dylan and Trish, while Olivia quietly fumed over the secret nominations.

Paul, not holding back, expressed his doubts about Noky, labelling her “fake as f**k”. Trish, on the defensive, lashed out Dylan.

In the midst of the turmoil, Noky preferred to stay under the radar, opting for silence over confrontation.

Later, Noky and Trish called a house meeting to try and talk out the situation.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

Another eviction will take place on Friday night.

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