Big Brother house ERUPTS in huge argument after surprise eviction

There’s a blazing argument on tonight’s Big Brother after a surprise eviction shocks the house.


Last night saw Noky unwittingly become ‘possessed’ as part of this week’s Halloween twist.

She was told to pick a fellow housemate for a secret mission, choosing Trish.

Sneaking away from the rest of the group, the pair were told they had to pick three housemates to immediately face eviction.

Noky and Trish make their decisions

They chose Olivia, Dylan and Kerry who faced the public vote and tonight one of them is given the boot.

In this evening’s show, Noky and Trish struggle to keep their secret.


“Big Brother I can’t deal with this anymore. I feel ill,” Noky tells Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Later, Olivia, Dylan and Kerry are called to Big Brother’s spooky Room 101 where they, and the rest of the housemates, learn that they have been nominated by two ‘possessed’ housemates.

Noky reacts with feigned shock and exclaims: “What the f**k!”

However, her Oscar-worthy performance quickly becomes redundant as Big Brother drops the bombshell that she and Trish were the ones who chose the three nominated housemates

Olivia reacted: “I definitely share a bed with one of these people so I’m quite shocked that they would choose me.”

Big Brother then reveals who the fourth housemate to be evicted is, and the housemates watch as they say their final words before exiting via a coffin in Room 101.

The two saved housemates then return to the house and there’s a blazing argument.


Paul snaps at Noky: “I knew she was fake as f**k”

Meanwhile, Trish hits out at one housemate: “You’re full of s**t and you’re a pretender.”

Amidst the drama, Noky tries to keep a low profile: “I just want to stay silent”.

Watch all the latest drama and find out who was evicted on Big Brother tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.


Plus, the evictee will have their say in an interview on Big Brother: Late & Live from 10PM with host Will Best.

Meanwhile another housemate will get the boot in Friday night’s latest live show.

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