Who was voted off Big Brother revealed in shock eviction tonight


One housemate has been evicted from the Big Brother house tonight in a surprise backdoor eviction.

This week has seen the Big Brother house transformed for a series of Halloween themed twists and challenges.

In Monday’s episode, Big Brother summoned a housemate to the Diary Room and Noky was the one who responded to the call.

Noky and Trish make their decisions

In the Diary Room, Noky was told she had been ‘possessed’ and had to follow all of Big Brother’s secret instructions. The first was to pick a co-conspirator, choosing Trish.

Under Big Brother’s guidance, the pair sneaked away from the rest of the group to make their way into the bathroom after dark, uncovering a secret corridor.

Inside this hidden area, the pair were given the responsibility of distributing three ‘Cursed nominations’. Those who were nominated would face an imminent threat of eviction.

The pair decided to put Olivia, Dylan and Kerry up for the public vote.

A flash vote on the Big Brother app then decided who left in the eviction.

The evicted housemate will find themselves entering Big Brother’s Room 101 and not returning to the house.

Big Brother Halloween room 101

They, along with the other housemates other than Noky and Trish, were unaware of the impending eviction or who had been nominated.

However Big Brother dropped Noky and Trish in at the deep end, revealing at the end of the eviction they were the ones who secretly chose the nominations.

The the eviction result and dramatic aftermath will air in tonight’s episode (31 October) at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

Kerry has been made the favourite to go although in our latest eviction poll it’s close between her and Dylan.

In another twist during the Halloween task, previously evicted housemates Farida, Zak and Hallie made a brief return, bearing cryptic messages for the group.

Farida returns to the Big Brother house

Meanwhile in the lead up to the eviction, housemates will be transformed with Halloween costumes and make up. They’ll continue to take on challenges to win a luxury shopping budget for the week, including sticking their heads in barrels of fish guts.

Additionally, the regular eviction scheduled for Friday will see another housemate’s journey end just before the grand Big Brother 2023 final next month.

Big Brother continues nightly on ITV2 and ITVX, Sunday – Fridays.

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