Big Brother’s Trish gets real with Jordan about his ‘love triangle’

Trish has words for Jordan in tonight’s Big Brother over his ongoing ‘love triangle’.

In this evening’s episode, Jordan continues to live in a state of confusion over what to do about the love triangle he’s found himself at the centre of between Matty and Henry.

After days of listening to multiple parties involved, Trish decides to give Jordan some tough love on the matter.

Henry and Jordan

“I want you to be conscious that, whatever you’re creating with Henry… be intentional about it,” she gently warns him. “Don’t let it be something that’s just happening because when Matty’s not around you need a substitute lover to kind of fill up that space.”

“From the outside looking in, what it looks like you do, you’re extremely flirty with Matty, but you can’t have Matty because the door is a bit locked,” she continues. “And when you remember that you can’t have Matty, you go and flirt with Henry.”

“Oh, I know… it’s bad isn’t it?” Jordan groans, to which Trish replies: “Yes.”

“What do I do then?” Jordan ponders. “I think you have to be intentional about your plans, act in a way that reflects what that intention is,” Trish advises.

“I’ve never kissed him with tongues!” Jordan defends himself.

“Now Jordan come on…have you kissed me on my lips before?” she responds. “I just want you to be accountable for your actions.”

Jordan resolves to provide clarity to his best friend Henry about how he feels about him.

But how will this conversation play out, and will it mark the end of weeks of this will-they, won’t-they saga? Viewers can tune into tonight’s episode to judge for themselves.

Big Brother airs at 9PM on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX this evening.

As well as the latest house highlights, hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best will front a double eviction with Dylan, Trish, Noky and Paul up for the chop.

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