Unhappy Big Brother housemates think public got eviction ‘wrong’

The Big Brother house has been left divided by the latest eviction result.

It was Dylan and Paul who got the boot in Friday’s live show after facing the public vote against Noky and Trish.

The viewers made their feelings clear as hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best went live to the house, booing the two evictees.

Big Brother group

However in the house, the result seemed to puzzle some of the remaining housemates.

Jenkin complained: “It’s not going to be the sun side any more because Paul’s gone and he was the fun one.”

Olivia remarked to Noky: “I had no idea the public were going to perceive what’s happened this week the way they did.”

Continuing to be confused by the eviction results, Chanelle said: “Paul is one of the nicest people ever. I can’t wait to see Paul’s girlfriend and tell her she is such a lucky girl because he is the best.

“The thing is people don’t get to see 24 hours a day, they get to see like such a small snap chat. It’s just annoying.”

She continued: “That guy felt emotions, he felt the highest of the highs and the lowest of lows. He just wore his heart on his sleeve.”

Tom agreed: “He was such a genuine guy.”

And Jenkin said: “He’s my winner, I don’t care, I don’t know he’s not here. If he hadn’t been dealt this s**ty little hand he’d been dealt he would have won the show and I think they knew that.”

Chanelle went on: “I genuinely think in my head he’s in a secret house next door and he’s going to come back in tomorrow.”

Tom asked: “Why Paul, he did nothing. They’ve taken Paul from us.”

Big Brother group

Meanwhile Olivia was sure they had “missed” something for the public to have evicted Paul and be booed by the crowd.

“The public [don’t see everything] they have an interpretation of what they see,” she said. “Why is he a villain?”

Meanwhile, Trish and Noky celebrated staying with Matty, Jordan, Yinrun, Jordan and Henry – making the split in the group clearer than ever.

Big Brother continues Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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