Noky’s reaction to cheers delights Big Brother fans


Big Brother fans have reacted to last night’s live eviction which saw two housemates give the boot.

This week saw Noky, Paul, Dylan, and Trish put at risk in a double eviction after the latest nominations concluded on Wednesday.

The duo of AJ Odudu and Will Best revealed who among them would leave on the live broadcast across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX on Friday evening.

Big Brother group  await the eviction results

Paul was the first to exit, marked as the fifth individual to depart the competition amid jeers of ‘Get Paul Out’ from the audience.

The suspense heightened when AJ and Will made a second visit to the house to break the news of an additional eviction, with Dylan being the one to follow Paul out.

Paul and Dylan received a less than warm farewell from the audience while Trish and Noky were met with cheers and support from the live audience to the delight of those watching at home.

“Noky hearing those cheers is a TV highlight of the year #BBUK,” one wrote.

Another enthused: “Paul and Dylan both demolished to a symphony of boos. Noky and Trish vindicated. I can’t believe we did it, guys #BBUK”

A third shared: “Hearing the crowd cheering for Noky & Trish and seeing the looks of relief on their faces was priceless, I’m so happy for them”

And posting to X(Twitter), a fourth wrote: “i am never going to get over seeing noky’s reaction to the cheers she received from the public 😭 she’s been through so much like i love that girl with my entire heart”

Meanwhile the house was divided by the result.


Tom, Olivia, Jenkin and Chanelle reflected on the outcome with sadness.

Tom, who was left in tears, said: “I wish it was me instead of him.”

And Chanelle added: “I cannot actually believe he has gone.”

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. The next highlights episode airs on Sunday but there will be live feed this evening from 9PM.

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