Three housemates face next Big Brother eviction days before final


Three housemates face another double eviction on Big Brother 2023 this week.

Tonight’s episode saw the start of the last week and with it brought a new twist, ‘The Final Reckoning’

Big Brother gathered the group and said: “In just five days time, one of you will win £100,000. However not all of you will make it to the final.

Olivia shocked on Big Brother

“Housemates, it’s time to nominate and this time it’s face to face. The three housemates who receive the most nominations will face eviction.”

Who’s up for eviction on Big Brother tonight?

Jenkin, Tom and Jordan are all nominated for this week’s eviction.

Jenkin had four nominations and Jordan had three nominations. Olivia, Henry, Tom and Noky all had two nominations. With three housemates needing to be nominated, the housemates with the fewest nominations, Matty and Yinrun, had to split the tie. They chose to nominate Tom alongside Jenkin and Jordan.

In an unexpected turn of events, tonight saw Big Brother announce to the three nominated contestants that they are evicted immediately and must exit through the diary room.

However, the twist is that they aren’t evicted yet. Instead, they will stay in a hidden spare room.

From this secret room, the ‘evicted’ contestants learn that the public will vote to evict two of them, leaving only one to continue in the game. This survivor will then re-enter the main house.

While secluded, they are given the opportunity to observe their unaware fellow housemates.

Big Brother declared: “Big Brother sees it all, and now, so do you.”

The two housemates with the most votes will be evicted LIVE on Tuesday night from 9PM. They will then speak to AJ Odudu on Late & Live.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. The final will air live this Friday.

Meanwhile in the latest highlights episode, the Big Brother house was transformed into Big Brother’s Academy and the housemates went back to school.

Ms. Noky was appointed Deputy Head Teacher with the responsibility of disciplining the students when they misbehave. Mr. Henry and Mr. Jordan were appointed Head of Departments; the rest of the housemates are students. They had lessons in law and wine tasting before enjoying a school disco.

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