20 must-watch shows coming soon to ITV

New ITV shows

ITV has revealed its upcoming TV and streaming highlights for this Spring – here are the top shows you don’t want to miss!


Red Eye

Coming soon
In Red Eye, the lives of DC Hana Li, journalist Jess Li, and MI5’s Madeline Delaney collide in a gripping conspiracy after a British doctor’s arrest following a near-fatal car crash in Beijing. Starring Jing Lusi, Jemma Moore, Lesley Sharp, and Richard Armitage, the drama unfolds with Dr. Matthew Nolan being arrested upon his return to London, accused of a crime he denies.

As Nolan faces extradition to China, a series of deaths onboard his flight sparks DC Hana Li’s suspicion of a larger conspiracy, drawing her, her sister Jess, and MI5’s Delaney into a web of international intrigue that challenges their survival and exposes a deep-seated conspiracy.


Professor T Series 3

Airing now

BEN MILLER as Professor T.
BEN MILLER as Professor T.

In the third series of Professor T, Ben Miller returns as the titular character, finding himself in prison following a dramatic turn of events. The series explores the fallout for both Professor T and DCI Christina Brand, with their careers and personal ethics at stake.

As Professor T adapts to prison life, his unique skills come in handy among inmates, while outside, the police force, with new characters and promotions, relies on his insights for complex cases. This season promises to unravel deep mysteries, including the events leading to Jasper’s father’s death, while exploring themes of redemption, love, and justice. A fourth series has already been confirmed.



Midsomer Murders

14 April
Midsomer Murders returns with a chilling tale from the village of Blacktrees-on-Marsh, a place rumored to be on a Cold War hit list and now home to a doomsday prepper community. When Warren Kaine, the founder of this apocalyptic group, is found dead in his bunker, Detectives Barnaby and Winter are thrust into a world where paranoia reigns supreme.

The investigation uncovers deep-seated fears and secrets among the villagers, challenging the detectives to solve a murder with potentially far-reaching implications, all while Barnaby contemplates the allure of the prepper lifestyle.


Changing Ends

16 April on ITV1, streaming now on ITVX

Alan Carr and Young Alan
Changing Ends on ITVX. Pictured: Alan Carr and Young Alan [Oliver Savell] ©Baby Cow Productions

Inspired by Alan Carr’s formative years, Changing Ends is a comedic yet poignant exploration of growing up gay in 1980s Northampton. Starring Alan Carr and featuring Oliver Savell as his younger self, the series navigates the trials and triumphs of adolescence, familial bonds, and the search for identity against the backdrop of a society not yet ready to embrace diversity.

With a blend of humour and heart, Changing Ends offers a snapshot of a bygone era, highlighting the challenges of self-acceptance and the universal quest for belonging. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, with a healthy dose of Alan Carr’s trademark wit. A second series has also been confirmed.



The Fortune Hotel

Coming soon
In The Fortune Hotel, hosted by Stephen Mangan, a game of strategy and luck unfolds as ten pairs of contestants vie for a life-changing jackpot hidden in one of several briefcases.

With daily challenges and strategic decisions, the contestants navigate through a maze of deception and alliance-building, all under the watchful eyes of the viewers at home. Set in the luxurious Fortune Hotel, the series culminates in tense, dramatic exchanges as contestants must decide whether to keep or swap their briefcases in hopes of securing the grand prize. The Fortune Hotel promises to be a thrilling journey of risk, reward, and the human instinct for survival.


Love Island

Coming soon

Maya Jama in the Love Island villa
Maya Jama

The eleventh series of Love Island returns with a new batch of singletons ready to flirt, date, and couple up under the sun of Mallorca. With the risk of being ‘dumped’ from the island looming, the contestants navigate new arrivals, re-couplings, and heartbreaks in their quest for love.

Packed with romance, drama, and unexpected twists, Love Island continues to capture the essence of modern dating, offering an unfiltered look at the highs and lows of relationships. As the Islanders vie for public favor and the ultimate prize, viewers are treated to an addictive mix of emotional journeys and genuine connections.



Drama Queens

10 April

Drama Queens cast on ITVBe
Ellie Leach, Lucy Fallon, Roxy Shahidi, Amy Walsh, Jamelia and Jorgie Porter. Credit: ITV/Lime Pictures

Drama Queens takes viewers into the real lives of Britain’s beloved soap stars, offering an authentic look beyond the cameras of Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale. Set in Manchester and the North West, the series promises exclusive access to the stars’ hectic schedules, blending professional commitments with personal life challenges.

From glamorous red-carpet events to intimate family moments, Drama Queens reveals the interconnected lives and friendships of the cast, providing fans a closer look at the personalities they adore. It’s a celebration of the UK’s soap culture, showcasing the real drama behind the fictional one.


For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond

16 April
Alison Hammond brings a new level of warmth and enthusiasm to the award-winning series For the Love of Dogs, following in the footsteps of the beloved Paul O’Grady. Set in the heart of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Alison meets the latest furry residents in need of care and a new home.

Alison Hammond meets the Battersea Team (l-r) Nat Ingham Canine Behaviour Manager, Alison Hammond, Ali Taylor Battersea Head of Animal Behaviour and Becky Verne Rehoming Welfare Manager with Battersea Rescue Dogs Pip and Olive


With her characteristic humour and compassion, she helps the dedicated staff and volunteers in their mission to find forever homes for these deserving animals. The series promises heartwarming stories, adorable animals, and a spotlight on the incredible work done by Battersea, all while showcasing Alison’s genuine love for dogs and her commitment to animal welfare.


Britain’s Got Talent

Coming soon
Britain’s Got Talent is back, bringing together Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli in the quest to discover the UK’s next superstar. Set against the iconic backdrop of the London Palladium, contestants from all walks of life showcase their talents, hoping to secure the golden buzzer to the live semi-finals.

Britain's Got Talent judges hit the golden buzzer in first look clip

With a mix of awe-inspiring performances, heartfelt moments, and the occasional buzz of rejection, the show captures the essence of dreams, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Who will follow in the footsteps of the previous winners and seize the coveted title and prize in this golden year?


ITV Studio Sessions

3 May
ITV Studio Sessions offers an intimate glimpse into the musical journey of featured artists, with Clara Amfo leading revealing conversations and stripped-back performances in the unique setting of O2 Blueroom at The O2. Each episode is a deep dive into the artist’s inspirations, challenges, and the stories behind their most iconic songs.


Viewers are treated to acoustic renditions of the latest tracks, timeless hits, and personal favourites that the artists wish were their own. This series not only showcases the talent and creativity of its musical guests but also connects fans with the human experiences that shape the music they love.


The Olivier Awards

14 April
The Olivier Awards with Mastercard return to celebrate the pinnacle of London’s theatre scene in a dazzling ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, hosted by the illustrious Hannah Waddingham. This year’s event promises to be more competitive than ever, featuring a broad array of outstanding productions and performances from renowned and emerging talents alike.

With a focus on new plays, stunning on-screen talent, and innovative creativity in the crafts, the Olivier Awards are set to highlight the unparalleled excellence and diversity of theatre. It’s a night of celebration, recognition, and tribute to the art form that continues to challenge, entertain, and inspire audiences worldwide.


Soccer Aid

Coming soon
Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 brings together a stellar lineup of celebrities and former professional athletes for a charity match at Stamford Bridge, all in the name of a good cause. Hosted by Dermot O’Leary and Alex Scott, with commentary by Sam Matterface and Iain Stirling, this year’s event sees new and returning stars like Bobby Brazier, Sam Thompson, and Usain Bolt.

Soccer Aid not only offers thrilling on-field action but also raises vital funds for UNICEF, highlighting the power of sport to bring people together and make a difference in the lives of children around the world. It’s a celebration of football, camaraderie, and charity, showcasing the best of human spirit.



Loud: An Adam Lambert Documentary (W/T)

Coming soon
In this revealing documentary, Adam Lambert takes viewers on a personal and historical journey through the queer music scene, uncovering the challenges and triumphs of LGBTQ+ artists in the industry. Lambert shares his own experiences and engages with British pop icons to explore the impact of queerness on music and identity.

This documentary goes beyond Lambert’s career, delving into the broader cultural and social contexts that shape queer artists’ experiences, offering insights into the evolution of representation and acceptance in the music world. It’s a powerful exploration of artistry, identity, and the ongoing fight for visibility and equality.


Douglas Is Cancelled

Coming soon
Douglas Is Cancelled delves into the turbulent world of cancel culture through the eyes of Douglas Bellowes, a celebrated news anchor played by Hugh Bonneville. Amidst a life of privilege, Douglas faces public outrage over an inappropriate joke, spiraling into a controversy that threatens his career and identity.

Hugh Bonneville and Karen Gillan in Douglas Is Cancelled

As the digital world scrutinizes his every move, Douglas navigates the murky waters of public opinion with the help of his co-anchor Madeline (Karen Gillan), his agent, and colleagues, questioning the very foundations of friendship, loyalty, and the impact of social media on personal and professional lives.



Tom Jones

Coming soon
Tom Jones brings Henry Fielding’s classic novel to life in a four-part series, weaving a tale of love, betrayal, and the quest for identity.

Starring Solly McLeod and Sophie Wilde, with Hannah Waddingham as Lady Bellaston, the story follows the charismatic Tom Jones from his humble beginnings to his passionate love affair with Sophia Western. Their journey is fraught with obstacles, from societal expectations to personal indiscretions, setting the stage for a drama filled with adventure, seduction, and the pursuit of true love in the face of overwhelming odds.


The Beast Must Die

Coming soon
The Beast Must Die is a gripping British revenge thriller that follows Frances Cairns (Cush Jumbo) as she seeks justice for her son’s fatal hit-and-run on the Isle of Wight. Determined to find the killer after the official investigation stalls, Frances embarks on a dangerous path that leads her to the enigmatic George Rattery (Jared Harris).

Disguising her intentions, she infiltrates Rattery’s world, navigating complex relationships and moral dilemmas in her quest for vengeance, all while the line between justice and revenge blurs.




13 June
In C*A*U*G*H*T, a daring narrative unfolds as four Australian soldiers, sent on a covert mission, find themselves captured in the strife-ridden island of Behati-Prinsloo. Mistaken identities and a desperate decision to fake a hostage situation turn the soldiers into overnight celebrities, challenging their values and the very nature of heroism in the digital age.

As they navigate their unexpected fame, the soldiers must confront the realities of war, media manipulation, and the pursuit of individual identity amidst chaos.


Orphan Black: Echoes

Streaming now
Orphan Black: Echoes revisits the captivating universe of Orphan Black, starring Krysten Ritter and Keeley Hawes in a story that goes deep into the ethics and implications of human genetic manipulation. Set in the near future, this thrilling series intertwines the lives of a group of women as they uncover the truth of their origins.

Faced with shocking discoveries and embroiled in a narrative of love and betrayal, they navigate the complexities of identity, freedom, and the inherent connections that bind them. Orphan Black: Echoes promises a journey of self-discovery, challenging the very essence of what it means to be human in a world where science blurs the lines between nature and technology.


Bay of Fires

Coming soon
Bay of Fires presents a riveting tale of survival and intrigue, set against the backdrop of Tasmania’s wild landscapes. Stella Heikkinen, portrayed as a woman battling the consequences of betrayal, is forced to flee to a remote community with her children, finding herself in a world far removed from anything she has known.


As she navigates the complexities of her new life, Stella encounters a community rife with conflict, secrets, and danger. Bay of Fires explores themes of resilience, redemption, and the lengths to which one will go to protect their family, all set in the haunting beauty of Tasmania’s untamed wilderness.


Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain

Coming soon
Join Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge as he embarks on a culinary adventure across Britain, exploring the local cuisine and produce. From Cornish fishermen to Scottish fruit farmers, Kerridge dives into the heart of British food culture, showcasing the diversity and quality of ingredients that the nation has to offer.


Each episode sees Kerridge cooking for the hardworking people behind Britain’s food, celebrating the passion and tradition that goes into every dish. Tom Kerridge Cooks Britain is a journey of discovery, appreciation, and culinary excellence, highlighting the best of British in every bite.


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