Alan Carr stars in new autobiographical comedy series on ITV

Alan Carr and Young Alan
Changing Ends on ITVX. Pictured: Alan Carr and Young Alan [Oliver Savell] ©Baby Cow Productions

Alan Carr is to star in a brand new ITV comedy series, coming to ITV1 this month.

Changing Ends is a six-part series described as an “autobiographical comedy”.

It is co-written by the BAFTA award winning Alan Carr and the Scottish BAFTA & RTS award winning Simon Carlyle (Two Doors Down), based on Alan’s own life in Northampton in the 1980’s growing up as the son of a fourth division football manager. The series is produced by Baby Cow Productions (Gavin & Stacey, Alan Partridge).

Changing Ends will start on ITV1 on Tuesday, 16 April at 8:30PM. The full series is already released to watch on ITVX.

Young Alan [Oliver Savell] and Alan Carr
Changing Ends on ITVX. Pictured: Young Alan [Oliver Savell] and Alan Carr. ©Baby Cow Productions

Alan will star in the series as himself in present day, whilst taking on the role of young Alan is rising star Oliver Savell (Belfast).

A teaser shares: “The comedy series will be more than just a trip down memory lane, it’s a love letter to a time and a town where things weren’t always so inclusive. Told with warmth and wit, it follows Alan’s journey through puberty, adolescence, and finally self-discovery, all against the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain.

“As showcased in many of Alan’s stand-up shows, his experience as a gay teenager in the East Midlands is a veritable treasure trove with a rich comedic seam, whether it’s his sexual awakenings, his daily battle with bullies or navigating the highs and lows of fourth division football.

“It’s about school and family, Kevin Keegan and George Micheal, and figuring out who you are when your family are Match of the Day and you’re a bit Miss Marple.”

You can watch a first trailer below…

Also on the cast are Shaun Dooley and Nancy Sullivan playing Alan’s parents Graham and Christine along with Taylor Faye as his younger brother Gary.

Playing Alan’s neighbours are Rourke Mooney and Gabby Best as Charlie and Angela along with Harry Peacock as Nigel. Guest stars include David Mumeni as Mr Chapman and Michael Socha as Adam.

Alan Carr said: “Well if someone had told little old me back in Northampton in the mid 80’s that ITV would give me my own sitcom based on my life I would have choked on my Flumps. Super proud that I can share my story with you – expect lots of giggles, pathos and nostalgia and believe it or not football – who knew?!”

ITV’s Head of Comedy, Nana Hughes added: “Alan Carr’s Changing Ends brings a hilarious 1980s nostalgic comedy to ITV. Audiences are in for a treat as Alan & Simon have been able to mine plenty of comedy from these formative years!”

A second series has already been confirmed.

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