Love Island's Nas speaks out after his exit in latest results

Nas and Eva leave the villa.

Love Island's Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico have spoken out after their exit from the villa.

TWO couples got the axe in last night's episode with Nas & Eva leaving alongside Rebecca Gormley & Jordan Waobikeze.

On Sunday night lines opened for viewers to vote for their favourite of the current official couples.

In the public poll it was Jordan & Rebecca AND Nas & Eva who received the fewest votes. Both couples were therefore voted off Love Island 2020 on Monday night.

Nas' departure followed him coupling with Casa Amor Islander Eva instead of recoupling with Demi Jones.

Nas and Eva chat.
Nas and Eva chat.

Speaking today after leaving the villa, Nas said of Demi: "She’s a lovely, lovely girl. I really do respect her. In such a short space of time we went through quite a lot of high-stake decisions, high-emotion decisions and she was really considerate. I cannot fault her.

"Going into Casa Amor, she was at the forefront of my mind on day one. But yeah, out of sight, out of mind. When you do have a genuine connection with someone else, it’s impossible to ignore that. I really had to go with my heart over my head."

Nas went on to say he had no regrets about coupling up with Eva.

He explained: "The only thing I would do differently is not kiss Eva on the first night in the main villa. In my defence, me and Eva were talking under the covers, when it was light, I think Demi assumed we were kissing which is when she got upset.

"But we actually tried to be a bit more respectful and try and kiss silently, when the lights were off... out of sight, you couldn’t hear us. But at the same time, to explain that to Demi was still a kick in the teeth. So I’ll hold my hands up, I do apologise."

As for the potential for him and Eva as a couple on the outside, Nas said: "The fact that she is affectionate with me is really encouraging. There’s no real pressure on it at this point.

Demi and Nas talk.
Demi and Nas talk.

"We are from similar areas back home, we do get on like a house on fire. She’d fit in really well with my friends... I feel like she’s the female version of me.

"She just dishes it out, the banter, it’s really nice, we bounce off each other, it’s not soppy all the time. I’m excited to see what the future holds. The whole purpose of Love Island is to find someone you have a genuine connection with."

Meanwhile, Eva said of her time on the show: "I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I think everything that I did was genuine. I did say that going for Nas was a risk, especially with the Demi situation, and I remember saying ‘With risk comes reward.’

"We’ve been booted out, but at least I left with Nas. We have a genuine connection and we do get along so well. I’m excited to see where things go. I have no regrets. I followed my heart at the end of the day."

Saying she saw a future with Nas, Eva added: "I want to take things slow because being together 24/7, I feel like I’ve known him for three years and it’s been a week!


"I don’t want to rush too much into things but I wouldn’t be with him the way I am if I didn’t see something so I do see a future with him."

Alongside Rebecca & Jordan and Nas & Eva, the other couple in the bottom three were Jess & Ched.

Love Island 2020 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

Spin-off After Sun airs live at 10PM on ITV2 on Monday nights with host Laura Whitmore.

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