Love Island 2020: New Islanders Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott revealed

Love Island new boys on Instagram

love island new islanders boys

Love Island 2020 has introduced two brand new Islanders: Meet Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott.

At the end of last night's episode (Wednesday, January 22), two brand new boys were teased.

The pair of Lukes will make their entrance into the villa on tonight's (Thursday) show but before then you can find out more about them below...

Luke Trotman

Luke Trotman
Luke Trotman

22-year-old semi-pro footballer and student from Luton

Instagram username: @luketroytrotman

Luke T says: "I’m looking to meet someone, I’m definitely ready to get into a relationship and I want to bring a nice energy to the villa."

Asked to describe his ideal woman, Luke T replies: "Can I just say Jessica Alba? Intelligent, pretty, confident, bubbly..."

"I fancy Leanne, Siânnise, Sophie and Rebecca," he says ahead of entering the villa, "I wouldn’t mind stepping on someone’s toes. But I would probably ask them before. I like to think I would.

"You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. In the Villa, you’ve got to back yourself. I’m quite relaxed."

Luke Mabbott

Luke Mabbott
Luke Mabbott

24-year-old heating engineer from Redcar

Instagram username: @lukemabbott | Twitter username: @MabbottLuke

Luke M says: "I’m outgoing, always laughing and I’ll bring a good vibe to the Villa."

Asked to describe his ideal woman, Luke M replies: "Someone who is outgoing, funny and can hold a conversation."

"I fancy Paige, Sophie, Shaughna and Rebecca in the villa. I've definitely got my eyes on Paige the most, she is definitely my type," he says ahead of entering the villa.

Quizzed on how far he's prepared to go in the villa to get the girl he wants, Luke says: "As far as it takes. I’m prepared to step on a few toes."

But he adds: "If you’re mates with a lad, you don’t go with their lass. Or give her the eye. If I make a good bond in the Villa, the bro code will apply."

Love Island 2020 continues nightly on ITV2.

Alongside the main show, spin-off series Aftersun airs at 10PM on Monday nights hosted by Laura Whitmore.

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