Love Island 2020: Girls take on a 'booty camp' challenge before first recoupling

The girls in their outfits for the challenge, Booty Camp.

The Love Island 2020 girls take on a 'booty camp' challenge in tonight's episode.

As a recoupling looms, it’s time for the girls to show the boys what they’re made of, as they’re challenged to take on an assault course.

From crawling under a net to tyre runs the girls compete to finish the course while dodging the boys’ water balloons and hoses.

At the end of their run, each girl chooses to kiss the boy of their choice. Who will they pick?

Leanne during the challenge, Booty Camp.
Leanne during the challenge, Booty Camp.
Eve during the challenge, Booty Camp.
Eve during the challenge, Booty Camp.

The pressure is on the girls as at the end of the night one of them will be heading home.

While Mike and Leanne seem to feel unaffected by the prospect of the recoupling, several lads are unsure of what’s going to happen as new boys Connagh and Finn get to know the girls on tonight’s Love Island.

Throughout the day Paige gets to know Finn, while Siânnise, Shaughna and Sophie all spend time with Connagh.

While Shaughna is enjoying getting to know both Callum and Connagh. Callum makes breakfast for Shaughna before she asks Connagh for a boxing session.

Watching from the day beds, Paige says: “You’re getting avocado on toast!”

Shaughna replies: “And he doesn’t look too bad does he? Yesterday he was ignoring me, today I’m getting breakfast.

"I told him, I’m still going to get to know Connagh, because that’s exactly what he did.”

Later, Shaughna gets a text alerting the Islanders that tonight a recoupling will take place and the boys will choose which girls they want to couple up with.

The one girl not picked will be heading home from the villa.

Finn admits: “It’s a massive night, especially for us.”

Connagh agrees: “Definitely the pressure is on, I’m starting to feel it. My head’s a bit all over the place at the moment.”

 The Islanders gather at the fire pit.
The Islanders gather at the fire pit.

Nas says: “It’s near impossible to call tonight.”

As the first dumping looms, the Islanders gather around the fire pit - but who will leave?

Love Island 2020 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

The series then continues on Sunday, with Unseen Bits airing on Saturday evening.

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