Love Island 2019 spoilers: Villa erupts after shock revelations in new challenge

Tonight's Love Island 2019 spoilers

The Islanders take part in the Side Bar challenge

Shock revelations in the latest Love Island 2019 challenge cause plenty of drama tonight.

Fresh from the latest dumping in last night's episode, this evening sees another surprise for Islanders

In the garden, Amber receives a text. It reads: “BREAKING NEWS. Islanders, it’s time to find out who has hit the headlines in today’s challenge.”

Today’s challenge is hosted by Chris and Harley, as all the Islanders will be presented with news headlines about one another. The Islanders names will be blanked out and it’s up to them to determine who the headline is about.

The Islanders then have to pick up a drink from ‘The Sidebar of Shame’ and throw it over the Islander they think the headline is about.

The Islanders take part in the Side Bar challenge:
The Islanders take part in the Side Bar challenge:

Tommy correctly guesses the following headline: “AMBER’S MUM CAN SEE HER HAVING A ROMANTIC SPARK WITH OVIE.”

As the answer is revealed, Amber says to Ovie: “It’s just because she fancies you, I know that’s why!”

Anna incorrectly guesses the following headline assuming it to be about Molly-Mae and Tommy: “LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE INDIA OF ONLY LIKING OVIE TO WIN THE £50K.”

Curtis correctly guesses the following headline: “LOVE ISLAND FANS ACCUSE ‘BORED’ MOLLY-MAE OF FAKING HER LOVE FOR TOMMY.”

But Molly-Mae is not happy. Speaking in the Beach Hut, she complains: “I’m definitely not bored. If people still think I’m fake at this point, what hope have I got?”

Belle correctly guesses the headline: "Molly-Mae is pretending to be happy for Maura and Curtis, claim Love Island fans," throwing a glass of water over Molly-Mae.

Chris then incorrectly guesses the following headline “LOVE ISLAND FANS CONVINCED MAURA AND CHRIS ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER.”

Chris throws a drink over himself, before heading over to India and swilling her. But Harley is left more than displeased that Chris presumed this to be about himself and India.

Ovie and Anna
Ovie and Anna
Harley and Chris.
Harley and Chris.

After the challenge the Islanders get a chance to reflect on the results.

Ovie has got one headline in particular on his mind. Speaking with Amber, he says “As an athlete, people use you…a lot.”

Amber is keen to reassure Ovie of India’s intentions. She says: “From my point of view, she seems like a nice girl. I don’t get that vibe from her.”

Speaking with Belle and Harley on the day beds, India reacts: “I’m more upset for Ovie. I don’t want him to think that about me or for him to have any doubt in his mind about me. I like him.”

Harley also has today’s challenge on her mind. Speaking about Chris assuming the public believe him and India have a strong romantic connection, she says: “He [Chris] could have picked anyone! For him to have done that, it’s ridiculous.

Harley and Chris chat.
Harley and Chris chat.

"I understand it’s a game but it was his decision and it was who he thought were meant to be together and he decided to choose someone he used to like.”

Harley decides to tell Chris how she feels. Will Chris reassure Harley? Or does he still have feelings for India?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

The live final will take place next Monday, July 29.

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