Love Island 2019: Meet new Islanders Chris Taylor and Francesca Allen

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Love Island 2019 has revealed two brand new contestants joining its ranks.

In tonight's episode, two brand new Islanders enter the villa fresh from tonight's Love Island results.


As the current group relaxed in the garden, Amber received a text which read: “Islanders. It’s time to meet your new arrivals. Please welcome Chris and Francesca to the villa.”

Excited at the thought of a new boy, single girl Amber reacted: "Come on, Chris!”

Chris and Francesca made their entrance. But who do the newbies have their eye on? And will any of the Islanders take a shine to Chris or Francesca?

Meet the two newbies below...

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a 28-year-old business development manager from Leicester.

Instagram username: @christophertaylorofficial


He says: "I am the full package I’d say. I’m not a bad looking guy. I would give myself a solid 7.2 out of 10. I can cook, I enjoy a bit of cleaning.

"I don’t really like football, and I don’t mind doing more girly things – I love a chick flick. In terms of being in a relationship with a girl, I’m the perfect islander to go in.

Revealing who he has his eye on going into the villa, Chris says: "Maura, she is very interesting. She’s an absolute fireball and I’ve got that same side to me as well. She has loads of banter and seems very easy to get on with. It will be interesting to see if we clash or not."

He adds: "I don’t want to be a home wrecker but I’m going in there to find someone so if there is someone in my way, may the best man win. I’ll just be me and then see what happens."

Francesca Allen

Francesca Allen.
Francesca Allen.

Francesca Allen is a 23-year-old clothing store manager from Essex.


Instagram username: @francesca_allen

Francesca says: "My friends are always really eager to go out with me, so I would say I’m fun, I’m bubbly and very positive. I tend to get told that I can be quite fiery, but at the same time I’m quite a forgiving person.

"I’m terrible at getting ready, if I can’t find something to wear I will always be late. I tend to be quite spontaneous, so I rush into things before even thinking about it."

Asked who she has her eye on, Francesca reveals: "I do think it’s mainly Anton – I’ve liked him from the beginning. He seems like a really nice person. He seems like my kind of humour. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is good looking. I think we compliment each other well.

"Curtis is the other one. Love his snake hips."

Speaking of the girls, she adds: "I feel like I will get on with all of them. Maura is hilarious. I find her so funny. Anna seems really nice. And Molly-Mae is into her clothes, so I think we will get along in that sense. She’s a girls’ girl."


Love Island 2019 continues nightly on ITV2.

The live final will take place at the end of the month.