Ronan Parke to get £30,000 a show while winner Jai McDowall gets £15,000

Ronan Parke

12-year-old Ronan Parke is reportedly set to earn the highest appearance fees of all the Britain’s Got Talent finalists, despite the fact that it was Jai McDowall who won the show last week. According to News Of The world, Ronan is able to charge £30,000 for a 15 minute set.

24-year-old Jai however will charge just half of that. Although both have reportedly signed six figure deals for the tour, which started last night in Newcastle.

An apparant "music industry insider" told the newspaper: “He is the biggest star to emerge from BGT since SuBo.”

And it's not just Ronan who will be raking the cash in, even Jean Martyn is charging £3,000 for an appearance. Whether anyone is willing to pay it however is another matter!

The source added: “Even some of the real duds will earn money for the next six months because they’ve become great novelty acts.

“There’s actually been quite a lot of interest in Jean and her organ.”

The full figuts for the top 10 finalists are said to be:
Ronan Parke £30,000
Jai McDowell £15,000
Boyband New Bounce £10,000
Singer Michael Collings £5,000
Pianist Paul Gbegbaje £5,000
Boy dancer James Hobley £5,000
Bendy dancer Razy Gogonea £3,000
Wacky dancer Steven Hall £3,000
Impressionist Les Gibson £3,000
Zany organ player Jean Martyn £3,000

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