Britain’s Got Talent 2022: The acts who did NOT make the live shows

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists have been confirmed but some surprising acts didn’t make the cut.

This week saw the four judges pick the top 35 contestants from all of the successful auditionees to make the live shows, joining the five golden buzzers who had guaranteed spots in the semi-finals.

There were plenty of arguments and clashes between the panel as they made the choices, eventually compromising on a line up that they all agreed on.

But who did NOT make it into the live shows? Here are some of the more surprising omissions…

The Handersons

The Handersons are a puppet family who performed a comedy song dedicated to their nan at their audition. David enthused: “It was utterly brilliant from start to finish. It was just wonderful”.


Honey Scott

17-year-old pot washer Honey Scott from Essex performed a song about auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. Simon said: “I think you’ve got a great personality. The song’s really good. People are going to remember you which is important.” Honey got four yeses at her audition – but didn’t make the cut for the live shows.


Linda John Pierre

54-year-old performer Linda John Pierre, from London and living in Liverpool, belted out Somebody Else’s Guy by Jocelyn Brown. Linda got four yeses from the judges with Alesha saying it was an “incredible audition”.



Strongman Tulga from Mongolia wowed the judges with impressive tricks with a 40kg burning log. “You are the human action man, you are incredible,” enthused Alesha at the audition.


Attraction Juniors

Children’s shadow theatre group Attraction Juniors – led by the son of the founder of former BGT champions Attraction – took to the stage at the auditions, performing a powerful routine to Tomorrow by Marisha Wallace. The audition had all the judges on their feet with Alesha praising: “We fell in love with what came before you and I’m excited for what’s next.”


Skylar Blu

7-year-old Skylar Blu performed an emotive contemporary routine to Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis at her audition. The emotional performance had the judges on their feet with Simon declaring: “It was incredible. Really incredible. You have so much talent. Absolutely loved it.”


Trio Vertex

During the auditions. Acrobatic act Trio Vertex performed a suspenseful routine from a trapeze that left the judges in awe. Alesha enthused: “That was SO good! Honestly that was fantastic. I loved it. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”


Two acts will make it through each night to the live final on Sunday, June 2.