Meet the I Kissed a Girl cast of new BBC Three show

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New dating show I Kissed a Girl has arrived on BBC Three with Dannii Minogue!


When to watch

Fresh from overseeing I Kissed a Boy, Dannii will be back to host a brand new series.

Episodes one and two of I Kissed a Girl will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 5 May. Episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

I Kissed a Girl will follow the same format as the original series, only with women instead of men.

Meet the cast

I Kissed A Girl cast
L-R Cara, Abbie, Fiorenza, Naee, Meg, Demi, Amy, Lisha, Georgia, Priya


Age: 24, Brighton

Occupation: Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Instagram username: @_abbiecole


Loves the queer energy of Brighton, wants to find a girlfriend who treats her like a princess.



Age: 24, Surrey, living in London

Occupation: Social Media Manager

Instagram username: @amy_spalding

Known for her red hair and 90s fashion, looking for a ‘princess’ to take home.




Age: 25, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Occupation: Aesthetician/Lash Tech

Instagram username: @carakinney98

Proud of her small town roots, identifies as bisexual.



Age: 23, Hemel Hempstead

Occupation: Publishing Executive


Instagram username: @demikode

Describes herself as a ‘baby gay’, exploring her place within the queer community.



Age: 22, Glasgow

Occupation: Drummer for Uninvited

Instagram username: @fiorenzacocozza

A chef by day and drummer by night, looks for femme girls with personality.




Age: 28, Hunmanby, North Yorkshire

Occupation: Professional Footballer

Instagram username: @georgiarbrt

Professional footballer, wants to meet someone who shares her ambitions.



Age: 22, Caernarfon, Wales


Occupation: Psychology Undergraduate

Instagram username: @lishapaige_

A tomboy at heart, looking for the right dynamic in relationships.



Age: 24, Goole, West Yorkshire

Occupation: Fire Breather

Instagram username: @meghomer


A fire-breather known for her funky style, wants someone who matches her energy.



Age: 25, London

Occupation: Engineer

Instagram username: @laidbacknaee

Proud to represent masculine-presenting women of colour, looking for a feminine partner.




Age: 23, Newport, South Wales

Occupation: Hotel Customer Service

Instagram username: @pri.soha

Proud of her Punjabi heritage, a self-confessed ‘daddy’s girl’.



Age: 22, Belfast

Occupation: Fashion Graduate


Instagram username: @pimptheimp

Describes herself as a ‘Stem’, loves mixing up her style and flirting.


How the show works

In this expansive ten-part series, 10 single women are paired up and meet for the very first time with a kiss. There’s no conversation, no texting—just a single kiss to instantly test their chemistry.

Will their kiss be tender and innocent? Fiery and intense? And more importantly, will that initial kiss blossom into love? Join us as Dannii Minogue opens the doors to an idyllic setting, perfect for the ultimate summer romance.

Before their arrival, the women are carefully matched based on their relationship preferences.

After their first encounter through a kiss, they are encouraged to truly invest in their newfound connection. Nevertheless, the women must always do what feels right for them, as in this game of love, every encounter holds potential.


For now, watch a first trailer below…

Dannii Minogue said: “After showing love truly is for everyone with I Kissed a Boy, I am thrilled to have the chance to be Cupid again for girls in this second series. I’m so excited to see if we can find more connections, chemistry and hopefully love sealed with a kiss – here come the girls!”

Joining Dannii, Charley Marlowe will provide voice-over for the show.


Charley is a Liverpudlian LGBTQ+ presenter and comedian best known from TikTok for her hilarious, down to earth personality and comedic presenting style.

You can catch up on the original I Kissed a Boy series on BBC iPlayer now alongside its reunion show.

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