Niamh Algar and Tom Hollander to star in Sky series Iris

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Sky has unveiled details of its latest original thriller, Iris, featuring Niamh Algar (Mary & George, The Virtues) and Tom Hollander (The White Lotus, Feud: Capote vs. The Swans).


The series is penned by Neil Cross, renowned for his work on the Golden Globe-winning series Luther, and will start filming this month in the picturesque settings of Sardinia, Italy.

Iris is described as a sun-drenched chase thriller centring around the enigmatic genius, Iris Nixon, played by Algar. Iris finds herself on the run after stealing a code from the charismatic philanthropist Cameron McIntyre, portrayed by Hollander. With only her intelligence and charm as tools, she must figure out the potential consequences of the code before she is caught.

The cast is further bolstered by the likes of newcomer Meréana Tomlinson (The Trials), Sacha Dhawan (The Great, Doctor Who), Maya Sansa (Good Morning Night, Dormant Beauty), Peter Sullivan (Poldark, The Borgias), and Debi Mazar (Younger, Entourage).

By day, Iris Nixon works a mundane job at a social media platform but by night, she dives into the world of internet forums, solving complex riddles. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she engages with a secretive online challenge, leading her to McIntyre and the fateful code.

Once she realizes the code’s power, suspicions about McIntyre’s intentions drive her to vanish, adopting a new identity on the Italian coast while a global search intensifies around her.

Writer, Creator and Showrunner, Neil Cross, said: “All I wanted to do was to make a show I wanted to watch. ‘Iris’ is an unapologetically exciting, witty, chase-driven adventure show and features a lead character the like of which I don’t think we’ve ever met before on TV.


“With Niamh Algar and Tom Hollander bringing these complex characters to life, coupled with Terry McDonough’s direction, I couldn’t be more excited to share this world and these characters.”

The series will be available on Sky and the streaming service NOW in the UK.

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