‘I was a contestant on Hunted, here are the ‘secret rules’ of Channel 4’s show’

The hunters on Hunted

A former contestant on Channel 4’s Hunted has spilled all on the show’s ‘secret rules’.


Now on its seventh series, Hunted sees Brits turn fugitive and go on the run.

The fugitives are pursued across the UK by an elite team of hunters, drawn from some of the world’s best investigators and led by former Scotland Yard detective Chief Peter Bleksley.

The stakes are high; if the fugitives can evade capture for 25 days they could win a share of £100,000.

But they’re up against a formidable force of 30 hunters equipped with the latest ANPR technology, search dogs, drones and helicopters.

Now it turns out that there’s quite a few things that we don’t see on TV.


Magid Magid, who took part in the show’s third series, took to social media to reveal all.

He explained: “Firstly, there are rules to this. So, if you’re one of the many people that think you would evade capture by just hiding in your mate Barry’s basement wearing a balaclava for 25 days, sadly that would all be a breach of the rules and you would be penalised.”

“After all the show must be somewhat entertaining!” Magid added.

Magid said that the Hunters themselves were “lovely” but wasn’t as complimentary about the show’s producers.

He accused: “Being on the run wasn’t as clear as ‘Me vs The Hunters’ as I thought and got told it would be.

“It was more like ‘Me vs The Hunters + Executive Producers’. It’s the executive producers that know everything on both sides and can manipulate things.

Hunted Series 7 cast group photo


“Without going into details. There was only so much lying, intimidation & threats 2 tell the Hunters where I was I could take from the exec producers. All because I challenged them when they wanted me 2 do some ridiculous things (produced) which weren’t part of the original rules.”

Magid then wrote: “It’s quite funny how the only people that gave me a headache and stressed me out were not the Hunters. It was in fact the exec producers.”

Finally, Magid said he wouldn’t do the show again but insisted he didn’t regret taking part.


He posted: “Knowing what I know now about the process, would I do it again? No! But do I regret it? Definitely not! Sadly, I didn’t get the amazing adventure I was hoping for. But I did learn a lot about myself…”

Hunted’s latest series currently airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

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