Meet the Hunted 2024 contestants

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Hunted is back for 2024: Meet the contestants taking part in the new series.

Across the UK 12 ordinary people have turned fugitive. If they can successfully outwit an elite team of hunters for 21 days, they will win a share of a £100,000 prize.

On the run across the length and breadth of the UK, the fugitives will be looking over their shoulders, ever fearful that the hunters have picked up their trail.

Leading the investigation at Hunted HQ is Chief Superintendent of Cleveland Police Lisa Theaker, who oversees a handpicked team of top police and military personnel, armed with the powers of the state, including live CCTV, ANPR, GPS positioning, drones, tracker dogs, mobile phone monitoring, publicity campaigns and, for the first time, motorbikes

Hunted airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

Hunted 2024 contestants

Alex and Jack

Alex & Jack
Alex & Jack

Age: 27 and 27
Relationship: Best friends
Occupation: Alex is a financial consultant and Jack is a product developer

Alex and Jack, both 27 and living in London, are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime as contestants on the show Hunted. As best friends with complementary personalities—Jack bringing imagination and positivity, and Alex providing realism and practicality—they believe their blend of skills will allow them to successfully evade the hunters.

Their strategy involves laying low initially and then using connections to navigate their way through the challenge, all the while planning to inject some fun by confusing the hunters.

They’re confident in their abilities, not just to compete, but to win, fueled by their friendship, resourcefulness, and a shared determination to overcome the odds.


Cathy and Annida

 Cathy & Annida
Cathy & Annida

Age: 56 and 55
Relationship: Best friends
Occupation: Annida is an aesthetic technician and Cathy is a care home activity coordinator

Cathy, 56, and Annida, 55, from Worthing, West Sussex, are not only best friends but also partners in adventure on the series Hunted. Their journey is motivated by Cathy’s love for the show and a desire to seize the day, with Annida joining in for the challenge and the camaraderie.

Both women bring a mix of creativity, practical thinking, and a wealth of life experience to their partnership. Their strategy includes disguises, subterfuge, and using unconventional modes of transportation to outsmart the hunters.

They see their age as an advantage, hoping to demonstrate resilience and ingenuity, all while embracing the experience as a significant chapter in their enduring friendship.


Christine and Munya

 Christine & Munya
Christine & Munya

Age: 48 and 48
Relationship: Married couple
Occupation: Christine is a teacher and Munya is an ex-British Army officer. They are co-owners of an overseas restaurant business.

Christine and Munya, both 48 from Sheffield, bring to Hunted a blend of strategic planning, military experience, and educational insight. Married for 31 years, their adventure marks a transition to rediscovering their passion for exploration as their children begin to leave the nest.

Their approach combines Christine’s intuition and Munya’s tactical skills, aiming to leverage unpredictability and movement across the UK to evade capture.

This challenge represents more than just a game for them; it’s a return to their adventurous roots, a test of endurance, and a chance to prove that older, savvy competitors can outwit the system.


Jaxon and Nicola

Jaxon and Nicola.
Jaxon and Nicola.

Age: 28 and 26
Relationship: Siblings
Occupation: Both are prison officers

Jaxon, 28, and Nicola, 26, siblings from Wigan, share a unique bond strengthened by their professional roles as prison officers and personal journeys, including Jaxon’s transition from female to male.

They see Hunted as an opportunity to not only challenge societal norms but also to deepen their relationship. With Jaxon’s military background and both siblings’ resilience, they plan to use their combined strengths to outmaneuver the hunters.

Their strategy involves leveraging their genuine nature, understanding of tactical thinking, and a determination to enjoy the journey, making their participation a profound personal and collective experience.


Sade and Cameron

Sade & Cameron
Sade & Cameron

Age: 36 and 19
Relationship: Mother and Son
Occupation: Sade is a property business owner and Cameron is a retail sales assistant

Sade, 36, and her son Cameron, 19, from Nottingham, enter the Hunted challenge as a final shared adventure before Cameron starts his independent adult life. Their participation is driven by a mix of competitive spirit, the lure of the prize money, and the desire to test their limits without the conveniences of modern technology.

Sade’s logical mind and leadership skills complement Cameron’s physical agility and youthful exuberance. They plan to use minimal assistance, aiming to stay under the radar while enjoying the journey.

For Sade, the experience offers a moment of introspection away from her busy life, while Cameron sees it as a rite of passage into adulthood, making their participation a poignant journey of discovery and bonding.


Steve and Beth

 Steve & Beth
Steve & Beth

Age: 60 and 23
Relationship: Father and Daughter
Occupation: Steve is a construction business owner and Beth is a quantity surveyor

Steve, 60, from Essex, and his daughter Beth, 23, now living in Manchester, are joining forces in the unique challenge of Hunted for charity and for a rare bonding experience.

With Steve’s background in the army and a desire to show Beth the value of resilience, and Beth’s modern outlook and reliance on her social and beauty routines, their dynamic is set to be both entertaining and enlightening. Steve’s survival skills and Beth’s contemporary savvy create an intriguing mix.

Despite potential disagreements about living conditions and tactics, their determination and competitive spirit are their biggest assets. They aim to outwit the hunters through unpredictability and a wide network of contacts while navigating the challenges of minimal resources. Steve, a cancer survivor, is motivated by a charitable cause, adding a layer of purpose to their adventure.


Hunted airs on Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

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