Who left Big Brother 2023 in latest results as two are evicted

Here’s who was voted off Big Brother 2023 in Tuesday’s live eviction results.

Tom, Jenkin and Jordan faced the public vote after face to face nominations took place in the house earlier this week.

The trio were ‘fake evicted’ into a secret house but Tuesday saw two of them were permanently booted out by viewers.

big brother 2023 three face eviction

Who left Big Brother this week?

With the most votes from viewers, it was Tom and Jenkin who were evicted on Tuesday.

The live results saw the other housemates gathered by Big Brother before revealing Tom, Jordan and Jenkin in the garden

Big Brother announced: “As you can can see, Tom, Jordan and Jenkin have not been evicted. For the past 48 hours, they have been secretly watching you and influencing tasks.

“For the past 24 hours, the public have been voting to evict two of them. They will be evicted now and this time, forever.”

But before Big Brother announced the results, he gave the three nominated housemates the opportunity the chance to speak to their fellow housemates about what they had seen.

As the surviving housemate, Jordan returned to the main house.

Elsewhere in the latest episode, Henry was secretly tasked by Jenkin, Jordan, and Tom with a series of covert missions. Unaware of the masterminds behind his task, Henry was instructed by Big Brother to complete these challenges while wearing an earpiece.

Henry’s assignments began with flirting with Matty before he had to spill water on Yinrun and ignore her, offer critical feedback during a private dance lesson with Olivia, and pour Noky’s oat milk down the sink.

Also in the episode, a reflective and introspective session unfolds among the housemates, prompted by Big Brother. They engaged in a candid Q&A, leading to admissions and regrets about their time in the house. Olivia, for instance, expresses remorse over her past comments about fellow housemates.

However, this reflective mood was not shared by all. Tom, observing from the spare room, was visibly frustrated with what he perceived as hypocrisy and rapid changes in the housemates’ attitudes. In the Diary Room, he expressed his confusion and disillusionment, particularly noting how relationships have seemingly altered in just two days.

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