Big Brother’s Tom fumes from secret room ahead of eviction

Tom fumes on tonight’s Big Brother as tensions in the secret house builds.


Last night saw Tom, Jenkin and Jordan nominated by their fellow housemates in face to face nominations.

They were then immediately ‘evicted’, into a secret room next door. The public will vote to actually evict two of the trio with the surviving housemate making a surprise return to the house.

Jordan, Tom and Jenkin in Big Brother's secret room

While in the secret room, Tom, Jenkin and Jordan are able to watch in on what’s happening in the house and tonight Tom doesn’t like what he sees.

This evening, the housemates in the main house discussing their time on the show, with Olivia asked to share anything she regrets.

Olivia comments: “I regret saying that maybe Noky isn’t what she is telling me she is based on Halloween. I regret saying Matty was doing my tits in via secret coding.”


But Jenkin, Jordan and Tom are watching the housemates in the spare room and while the housemates reflect on their Big Brother experience, Tom in particular is left frustrated with the housemates’ conversation.

Speaking in the Diary Room, Tom says: “I am f***ing confused. What have we just watched? Because I hope I haven’t been like that. That was so backtracking on things and just chatting s**t about people you were friends with two days ago.”

Tom adds: “In a matter of two days, everyone has just changed in there. We’re all in agreement that whoever goes in is going to put all three people’s points across and say exactly what we’re all thinking.”

Big Brother Henry in the Diary Room

Elsewhere in the episode, the ‘evicted’ housemates pose as Big Brother as they set Henry a secret task.

Speaking to Henry in the Diary Room, Big Brother says: “Big Brother will speak to you through an earpiece and give you instructions that you must follow to pass today’s task. Do this and avoid being undetected and you will win champagne and delicious caviar blinis for the whole house.”

Henry’s assigned activities involve accidentally spilling water on Yinrun and then not interacting with her for the remainder of the activity, requesting a personal dance lesson from Olivia and providing continuous feedback throughout, and deliberately emptying all of Noky’s oat milk in her presence.


However, Henry is unaware that Jenkin, Jordan, and Tom have orchestrated these assignments.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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