Big Brother SPOILER! Three housemates face double eviction in new twist


A huge new Big Brother twist will see three housemates facing the next eviction – but not all is as it seems.

The last live show on Friday saw Chanelle and Trish become the latest two housemates to leave the house in a double eviction.

They’ve left eight housemates but not all will make the final next Friday.

Big Brother Jordan and Yinrun shocked by news

Big Brother bosses have unveiled a mega twist for the next few days that are sure to make the last week of the series the most explosive yet.

On Sunday, housemates nominated face to face with three housemates facing eviction – Jordan, Tom and Jenkin.

Big Brother then shocked the group by announcing that the nominated housemates would be immediately evicted.

However, unknown to the other housemates, instead of heading home they have actually moved into a secret house next door.

There, they’ll be able to spy on the main house and watch all the fall-out from their apparent eviction.

In the meantime, viewers will get the chance to vote to really evict two of the three housemates leaving one to make a surprise return to the house. They’ll then be able to confront those that nominated and evicted them.

It’ll leave us with the six housemates racing for the £100,000 cash prize in next Friday’s final.

Watch all the face to face nominations and fake eviction fallout when Big Brother continues Monday night at 9PM on ITV2 with its latest highlights show.

AJ and Will host Big Brother

The most recent episode on Sunday evening saw the aftermath of Friday’s double eviction which saw Yinrun in tears after Trish’s shock departure.

Plus, the latest highlights also saw Jordan and Henry’s relationship taken up a level as they shared a steamy kiss in the hot tub.

Alongside the nightly highlights show, Big Brother spin-off episode Late & Live airs Sunday – Friday nights at 10PM. You can also catch Live Feed online on ITVX seven nights a week from 11PM or 9PM on Saturday.

Meanwhile, ITV has confirmed that Celebrity Big Brother will return for a brand new series in 2024 following the success of this year’s BBUK reboot.

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