Big Brother spoilers as Henry and Jordan share hot tub kiss


Things heat up between Jordan and Henry on Big Brother 2023 tonight.

In the bedroom while most of the housemates are sleeping, Jordan and Henry get cosy.

Jordan tells Henry: “I’ll tell you a secret.”

Jordan then gets out of bed and kisses Henry before swiftly tucking back into bed. He then asks, “Can’t you come over here?”

Jordan and Henry

Henry goes to Jordan’s bed and responds, “What are you trying to say?” before kissing him again.

However it turns out that their antics have woken some of the housemates.

Jenkin gasps and comments: “I see them kissing!”

Tom chimes in from his bed: “They were, I saw.”

Jordan then laughs: “I can’t believe I kissed a Tory” before they kissed again.

The day after the night before and Jenkin teases: “So, did everyone have a good night? Did everyone have a smooch?”

Jordan reacts: “No nothing happened, it’s because you know, we were a bit emotional… whatever happened I don’t remember.”

A few moments later, Jenkin says: “There’s no harm in finding love in the Big Brother house guys.”

Jordan responds: “Hmmm, well I’ve yet to find it.”

Later on and Jordan and Henry enjoy a hot tub date together where there’s more kissing.

Big Brother's Jordan and Henry

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, there’s a brand new task for the housemates.

In the latest challenge, whenever the housemates encounter a messy scenario, their task is to tidy it up and restore order to the house as swiftly as they can.

If the housemates manage to maintain cleanliness throughout the day, they’ll earn themselves an evening filled with luxurious pampering and relaxation. All trash must be gathered and properly disposed of via the rubbish chute located in the garden.

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. There’s now just a week to go until the grand final on Friday.

But ahead of the final, a series of surprise evictions are set to shake up the house.

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