Big Brother reveals MAJOR new twist ahead of the final

A series of surprise evection are set to shock the Big Brother house in the lead up to next Friday’s final.

Friday night saw Chanelle and Trish become the latest two housemates to leave the house in a double eviction.

They leave eight housemates remaining, however not all will make the final.

Trish is evicted on Big Brother

In Friday’s spin-off show Late & Live, host AJ Odudu revealed that housemates would be leaving “left, right and centre” in the run up to the live final.

AJ also revealed there would be at least one more round of nominations to decide who’s facing eviction.

As for how many housemates will go and how many will be left for the final, AJ teased: “Time will tell!”

For now, watch this space!

Big Brother continues Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 with its latest highlights show.

It will see the aftermath of Friday’s double eviction which saw Yinrun in tears after Trish’s shock departure.

Other housemates suggested she may not have really been evicted and had instead gone to a secret house.

Meanwhile Trish has spoken about her time in the house and her eviction.

Discussing her clashes with some of the other housemates, Trish said: “I’ve always known I”m very forward. If I see something wrong, I’m going to say something.

Olivia on Big Brother

“And I know the world isn’t always comfortable with that, especially coming from a woman. Coming from a man, you’re seen as assertive, a boss, a leader, someone who speaks up for what’s right. But when it’s a woman, you’re seen as argumentative, aggressive, bitchy, problem-making.”

The Big Brother final takes place next Friday, 17 November across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX.

One of the remaining housemates will walk home with a huge £100,000 cash prize with Yinrun the current hot favourite to triumph.

But as Friday night proved, anything can happen on Big Brother…

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