Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as two housemates are EVICTED


Here’s a spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight’s Big Brother as two housemates will get the axe.

Last night saw Jenkin, Jordan and Tom put up for the public vote in face to face nominations.

They were all then immediately evicted – or at least the other housemates were led to believe.

Jordan in the Big Brother secret room

In reality, the trio have moved into a secret room next door where they’ve been spying on their former housemates.

In tonight’s episode, the evicted three housemates get the opportunity to mess with the main house.

Henry is called to the Diary Room as Big Brother sets him a secret task.

Speaking to Henry in the Diary Room, Big Brother said: “Big Brother will speak to you through an earpiece and give you instructions that you must follow to pass today’s task. Do this and avoid being undetected and you will win champagne and delicious caviar blinis for the whole house.”

Henry series of mischievous tasks begins with flirting with Matty. He is also challenged to spill water on Yinrun and then ignore her, ask Olivia for a private dance lesson only to criticize it throughout, and pour Noky’s oat milk down the sink in her presence.

However, Henry is unaware that these pranks are orchestrated by Jenkin, Jordan, and Tom.

Meanwhile this evening, Tom is left angry after watching the other housemates discuss their time in the house.

As well as the latest house highlights, tonight’s show will also feature a very real eviction.

Big Brother's Tom

Viewers will witness a live eviction of two housemates from the Spare Room, while one lucky housemate will get the chance to return to the main house. The suspense builds as the audience awaits the fate of Jenkin, Jordan, and Tom – who will be spared, and who will face the double eviction?

Questions abound as to whether the surviving housemate will confront the others after closely monitoring their actions.

For more behind-the-scenes insights, don’t miss Big Brother: Late & Live at 10:15PM on ITV2 and ITVX, where the two evicted housemates will give their first interviews post-eviction.

Be sure to catch all the action on Big Brother, airing tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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