Celebrity Big Brother EXPLODES when Tiffany Pollard thinks David Gest is dead

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2016 makes for quite the show when Tiffany Pollard announces that David Gest has died.

In this evening's episode, David is feeling unwell and goes to bed.

Later and Tiffany and Angie are in the kitchen; Tiffany asks if Angie is OK. She says she is fine, however ‘wouldn’t be in this condition if it was just a cold’.

Tiffany suggests the two of them go to sit on the sofas, Angie asks, “You’ve gotta do me a favour, you can’t say a word...” Tiffany agrees. Angie, who was told earlier of ex-husband David Bowie's passing off camera, whispers, “David’s dead.”


Tiffany is confused and gets hysterical; believing her fellow housemate David Gest is dead.

After a scene of confusion with the other housemates, Daniella eventually tells Tiffany “she means her ex-husband, David.”

John, Jonathan and Gemma are waiting for Tiffany in the bathroom, she says, “You don’t have to talk to me! I know people can’t stand me and are just tolerating me!”

John tells Tiffany people are freaked out by what has just happened. She turns to Jonathan and Gemma, and suggests they are looking at her with ‘ganged up eyes’. They confirm they are just checking she’s OK.

John tells Tiffany this is serious and that people will leave if she stays, because they feel threatened by her and don’t want her in the house. She replies, “Well that’s too bad!”

Tiffany confirms she will not be apologising to Angie, and will not leave the house.

Tiffany is called immediately to the diary room. She says, “I’m ready to go! I’m f**king leaving! This whole house has a problem with me!” Big Brother asks Tiffany to calm down.

In the garden, Darren is showing his support to Angie.

In the diary room, Tiffany believes ‘everybody is ganging up’ on her and that she didn’t do anything wrong, “They will have to get me evicted, I’m not just going to walk off, I’m not a quitter! I didn’t do anything.”

In the bathroom, Jeremy and Stephanie confirm they will not isolate anyone in the house.


A calm Tiffany then leaves the diary room, and returns to the house. Housemates do not speak to her; she heads to the bedroom where Nancy asks her ‘what is the situation’. The pair hug, Nancy remarks that she misunderstood what Angie was talking about, Tiffany confirms

In the living room, Christopher asks housemates to gather in the living area so Tiffany can address everyone. John and Kristina make it obvious that they are not interested to hear what Tiffany has to say. Danniella believes that she should apologise to Angie, housemates agree.

John goes to speak to Tiffany, to tell her that nobody wants to hear it right now. Tiffany confirms it was Christopher’s idea to speak to everybody.

Eventually, Tiffany and Angie make amends.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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