All the The Masked Singer UK reveals for 2024

The Masked Singer series 5 costumes
The Masked Singer: SR5 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Kricket, Weather, Marypole, Bigfoot, Egg & Rat. (C) ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV

The Masked Singer UK is back with its brand new series, welcoming twelve new contestants. Here’s EVERYONE who’s been unmasked on the 2024 show.

The latest cast of celebrities will once again compete incognito, donning elaborate costumes and concealing their identities. As each disguised celebrity showcases their talent, a panel of renowned detectives is tasked with unravelling the clues to reveal one of TV’s greatest secrets.

The real identities of the contestants are only disclosed upon their elimination, marked by a dramatic unmasking on stage.

Meet the contestants taking part and all the reveals…

The Masked Singer contestants on series 5

Piranha – Danny Jones


Hoping they can sink their teeth into their performance… it’s PIRANHA.

Piranha WON The Masked Singer UK in the final and was unmasked as McFly star Danny Jones.

Danny said: “I’ve had the most amazing time. I can escape behind here and I’ve learned so much. I can sing high now, just from this show. It’s been incredible, thank you for making me champion.”


Bigfoot – Alex Brooker


Things are about to get hairy… it’s BIGFOOT

Bigfoot finished in second place, unmasked as The Last Leg presenter Alex Brooker.

Alex said: “It was just the most fun. I love the show, my daughters love this show, they’ve got no idea. Girls, this is where daddy’s been going all the time, this is why daddy’s been singing in the car!”


Cricket – Lemar


Ready to bowl you over… it’s CRICKET

Cricket made the final where he finished in third place and was unmasked as singer Lemar.

“It’s been so much fun, so much. I thought it was going to be fun but it was more fun than I imagined,” he said. “I was a fan of the show any way, and being able to express yourself on songs you wouldn’t ordinarily has been fun.”


Eiffel Tower – Tiffany

Tiffany as Eiffel Tower
Tiffany as Eiffel Tower

They’re made of steely stuff… it’s EIFFEL TOWER.

In the semi-final, Eiffel Tower was unmasked as American singer and I Think We’re Alone Now hitmaker Tiffany.

Tiffany said: “I wanted to do The Masked Singer because I am a huge fan of the show, so this was a blast. It’s different watching the show at home than being in one of these fantastic costumes and the energy here is just amazing.

“The best thing is the surprise of no one knowing who I was, so you can just sing and relax. But then, the worst thing is, none of that happens. It’s very nerve-racking. I had a blast with all of it. It was quite magical.”


Air Fryer – Keala Settle

Keala Settle as Air Fryer
Keala Settle as Air Fryer

Here for a FRYING visit… it’s AIR FRYER

In the semi-final, Air Fryer was unmasked as singer, actress and star of The Greatest Showman, Keala Settle.

Keala said of her time on the show: “It was petrifying and freeing all at the same time.”

And speaking about the air fryer costume, she added: “It is somewhat heavy, but it’s been built so brilliantly by the costume team. As a performer you already have this facade that you go on stage with, but in this show, the facade is literally the character. The Masked Singer, it’s been scary and the most inspirational thing that I’ve done in my life.”


Maypole – Melody Thornton

Joel Dommet & Melody Thornton on The Masked Singer UK
Joel Dommet & Melody Thornton. Credit: ITV/Bandicoot TV

Here to lead us on a merry dance… it’s MAYPOLE

Maypole become one of two celebs to be eliminated in a double exit in Episode 5. Taking off their mask, Maypole was revealed as Melody Thornton from The Pussycat Dolls.

“It’s been fun! Maypole is such a sweetheart,” said Melody.

The panel had guessed other Pussycat Dolls members but didn’t get Melody. “Now hearing your voice and tone of course it’s you,” Rita reacted.


Dippy Egg – Nicky Campbell

Nicky Campbell as Dippy Egg on The Masked Singer
Nicky Campbell as Dippy Egg

Guaranteed to give a cracking performance … its DIPPY EGG

Dippy Egg was voted-off in a double elimination in Week 5. Taking off their mask, they revealed themselves as Radio and TV presenter Nicky Campbell.

The reveal was a shock for Davina, who co-presents with Nicky on Long Lost Family.

“This is the best surprise better than any birthday,” Davina said. “Nicky’s a friend, we’ve been walking together 13 years and I can’t believe I didn’t recognise your voice.”


Owl – Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine as Owl
Lorraine as Owl

They’re a real HOOT… it’s OWL.

In Episode 5, Owl was unmasked as TV presenter Lorraine Kelly.

Talking about her time on The Masked Singer, Lorraine said: “I’ve loved being Owl, I’ve loved every single second, the show is so joyful.”

She said of signing up for the show: “I just wanted to have a bit of fun to kick off the year and to be a bit silly. I’ve never had a chance to sing in front of an audience before, and I thought if I was behind a mask it wouldn’t be as scary.”


Bubble Tea – Julia Sawalha

Julia Sawalha as Bubble Tea
Julia Sawalha as Bubble Tea

They’re everyone’s cup of tea… it’s BUBBLE TEA.

Taking off their mask at the end of the fourth episode, Bubble Tea revealed themselves to be actress and comedian Julia Sawalha.

It proved a shock for guest panellist Jennifer Saunders, who starred with Julia in Absolutely Fabulous.

“I was like ‘She’s going to know me, she’s going to know me!” Julia shared after her unmasking. “I’ve loved it, my friend said ‘You don’t sing enough’ and then this came up so I thought I needed to do something that makes me absolutely terrified.”


Rat – Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas unmasked as Rat on Masked Singer
Shirley Ballas unmasked as Rat

Get ready to scream and jump on a chair… it’s RAT

In the third episode, Rat took off their mask to reveal Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas.

Shirley said: “I would say this is one of the best times of my life. I’ve enjoyed every moment. It’s been way out of my comfort zone but I’ve loved it.”

Guesses of Rat’s identity from the panel had included the likes of Claire Sweeney and Jodie Whittaker.

“I was very flattered because I don’t sing at all and some of the people you were saying, I was like ‘Wow’!” Shirley reacted


Chicken Caesar – Alexander Armstrong

Chicken Caesar

Ready to take it to the maximus… it’s CHICKEN CAESAR

After being voted off in Episode 2, Chicken Caesar took off his mask to reveal actor, comedian and presenter Alexander Armstrong.

Asked about signing up for the show, Alexander revealed: “I’ve been longing to do this show, every year I get messages saying ‘Are you…’ and I’d always reply ‘Maybe!’ but I never was.”

“I’ve loved it. It’s the beginning of the journey and the end of the journey but what a journey it’s been.”


Weather – Dionne Warwick


Ready to storm the stage… it’s WEATHER.

The first episode culminated in a dramatic unmasking, revealing the character Weather to be none other than soul music legend Dionne Warwick.

In her post-reveal interview, Warwick shared her excitement about participating in the UK version of the show. “When I got the call and was asked if I would do it here in the UK, I jumped at the opportunity. I said, ‘Yeah, let’s go have some fun’,” she reflected.


Which of this season’s contestants will join a prestigious line-up of past Masked Singer champions, including Queen Bee (Nicola Roberts), Sausage (Joss Stone), Panda (Natalie Imbruglia) and Rhino (Charlie Simpson)?

Audiences should brace themselves for a season filled with unexpected twists, awe-inspiring performances, and the delightful guessing game of deducing the celebrities behind the masks.

The Masked Singer UK will air on TV on Saturday nights on ITV1 and ITVX.