Big Brother 2018 housemates sent to prison for latest shopping task

The Big Brother 2018 housemates are sent to prison for their latest shopping task this week.

In a throwback to a classic task from the Channel 4 days, Big Brother has opened up its own 'Correctional Facility'.

The official Big Brother account tweeted: "The classic Big Brother prisoner / warden task is back – but this time with a twist! Welcome to Big Brother’s Correctional Facility… 👮‍ 👮‍ 😮 #BBUK tonight at 10pm Channel 5"

For the task, Sian, Zoe and Cameron will take on the role of prison wardens while all other housemates will be inmates and get locked up.

Zoe read out the instructions to the group: "Housemates following a series of rule breaks, insubordinate behaviour and repeated misconduct, Big Brother has decided that it would benefit housemates to spend a day behind bars as the Big Brother House becomes the Big Brother Correctional Facility.

"For this week's shopping task, Akeem, Brook, Cian, Lewis and Tomasz will become the newest inmates of Big Brother's Correctional Facility. "


The prisoners have been set a variety of chores to complete and given rules that the wardens must enforce.

The rules include a ban on all swearing and the wearing of prison outfits.

Zoe continued: "Inmates should only be outside of their cell when performing their chores or granted yard time when they may return to the house. To pass this week's shopping task, the wardens must ensure that prison rules are adhered to by inmates. All inmates should be on their best behaviour at all times."

However, there is a sneaky twist.

The real task in fact revolves around a convict named 'Dirty Dave' who communicates to the prisoners in secret away from the wardens.

He'll be setting the prisoners various secret tasks which they must carry out without the wardens finding out.

Big Brother 2018 airs Sunday - Friday nightly on Channel 5 at 10PM.