Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates nominate (with a new twist)

Here's a first look at tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights as housemates nominate.

But this week there's a twist.

Host Emma Willis announced last Friday that we would would see a new 'positive nominations twist', involving both viewers and the housemates.

In tonight's show, Big Brother gathers the housemates as usual for nominations. They're then called to the Diary Room in turn but they're told to vote for their two favourite housemates who they want to keep in the house.

Those housemates with the fewest votes from their fellow housemates will face eviction.

In addition to the housemates' nominations, viewers could also nominate by voting for their own favourite housemate in a free poll on the BBUK app over the weekend. The three housemates with the fewest votes will join those put up for eviction by the rest of the house.

Elsewhere tonight, housemates take part in a 'suggestions box' task. Each must anonymously write some suggestions for their fellow housemates and place them inside a sealed box.


The group then gathers to read out the suggestions one at a time. With each suggestion read out, the person who wrote it can choose to stand up and explain more or they can keep quiet.

One of the suggestions put forward is by Lewis who complains: "This is mine. I counted for a day the sexual innuendos that happened and it was over 300. For me, it happens every day."

Tomasz hits back: "That's not going to change, that's who I am and if you don't like it you don't have to sit next to me."

Meanwhile, Brooke is left questioning how her relationship with Lewis is coming across on TV.

She asks Zoe: "Do you think my relationship with Lewis is weird? 'Cause I'm gay, does it look like we're flirting?"

Zoe replies: "Not in a serious way... maybe more on Lewis' part!"

Brooke responds: "I'm like that with people in general, men and women. If it was a woman it'd be different."

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.