Helicopter flies over Celebrity Big Brother house in support of Ryan Thomas

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018

A helicopter flies over the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight in support of Ryan Thomas.

The chopper hovers over the house with a message of 'Ryan To Win' on the side.

It follows the soap star being caught up in house drama with Roxanne Pallett, who had accused him of 'assaulting' her.

Ryan was left in tears by the claims, which saw him get a formal warning from Big Brother for 'unwanted physical contact'.

Most viewers were on Ryan's side and made their feelings known in the live shows, with Roxanne walking out after hearing herself booed by the eviction crowd.


In tonight's show, the housemates notice the helicopter before Big Brother quickly calls them into the living area and shuts the blinds.

It all follows emotional scenes in last night's highlights, Ryan was left in tears after getting a letter from home.

His brother Scott Thomas wrote in the wake of the 'punchgate' scandal: "We are really proud. We know you're out of your comfort zone but trust me it's been well worth it.

"You've shown the nation just how amazing you really are and carried yourself so well. I know you'll be worried how you're coming across, but we want you to know that you've absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone has seen the real you."

Scott also wrote about how his daughter and girlfriend were missing him.

"Scarlett is missing her daddy," he went on. "So, so much and we've been showing her some clips from your challenges.

"She can't get her head around it - she smiles from ear to ear when she sees her daddy having so much fun.

"Lucy [Ryan's girlfriend] is more than proud of you and she's so happy everyone gets to see the Ryan she knows and loves."

Scott concluded: "Honestly just keep being you, you're doing us so proud."


Ryan tearfully reacted: "I love you so much bro"

Ryan is the current favourite to win the series, which concludes next week.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The Celebrity Big Brother final airs Monday, September 10.