Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates face a haunted Halloween

Here's a first look at tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights as Halloween takes over the house.

Currently six housemates remain on Big Brother: Cameron Cole, Zoe Jones, Akeem Griffiths, Cian Carrigan, Brooke Berry and Sîan Hamshaw.

Housemates wake up to find the Big Brother house has been decorated for the spooky occasion, and Big Brother has prepared a number of tasks for the housemates.

Big Brother explains: "As Halloween night approaches, you will become Trick or Treaters on a mission to collect as many sweets as possible.

"In order to pass this week's shopping task, housemates must enter Hellstree house and it's haunted ground where vengeful spirits and dark forces are said to lurk in the shadows."

Housemates enter Hellstree and find themselves the victims of all sort of scary goings on.

And they're not safe in the main house either, with a zombie invasion before they finally get to relax at enjoy a Halloween themed party.


However, the task takes a twist later on as night falls.

"Big Brother would like to get serious for a moment to reveal the genuine, paranormal events that have occurred in the House, over the sixteen years it has been here," Big Brother announces to the group in the living room.

"For the first time ever, two of you will get to go on a paranormal research mission within the camera runs that surround the house. Will Cameron and Cian come to the Diary room," Big Brother continues.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother tells the pair: "Big Brother wishes you the best of luck and hopes to see you again soon. And remember, take care."

"This is some f**king s**t," reacts Cameron.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at the later time of 10:30PM on Channel 5.

The current series - the last to air on Channel 5 ans possibly last ever on UK TV - will conclude on Monday, November 5.