Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates act out 'Big Brother's Soap Opera'

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018 house highlights.

In this evening's task, Big Brother gathers the remaining six housemates - Cameron Cole, Zoe Jones, Akeem Griffiths, Cian Carrigan, Brooke Berry and Sîan Hamshaw - to set a special task.

Brooke reads out the instructions: "Housemates, for today's task you will become the stars of the show as you'll take part in.

"Big Brother's soap opera! Not only are you the stars but you'll also decide which iconic moments you perform."

Housemates must re-create scenes from this year's show, playing all the parts of the current and former housemates.

"It has to be the contamination scene," suggests Akeem, referring to his row with Lewis G. Other scenes acted by the group include Lewis and Kenaley's row in the China task

Meanwhile, there's a row between Zoe and her fellow housemates over alcohol in the evening.


"I just get p***ed off," Zoe complains in the smoking area after the clash. "And then I get p***ed off if I get woke up because everyone's having a laugh, it's a joke.

However Akeem declares: "I'm going to have a good night tonight, I don't care."

And as the final approaches, tension looms as housemates speculate what may happen in the final week.

"In theory this could be our last ever hot tub session ever," Akeem tells Cameron. "It's squeaky bum time. Could be any day, one or two could go, you don't know, And it could be any time, any place or any where."

Elsewhere in tonight's latest highlights, Cian and Cameron plot to prank their fellow housemates.

In the middle of the night, they decide to hide all the food - but will they get caught out?

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10:15PM on Channel 5. The final takes place next Monday, November 5 as the winner is crowned.