Big Brother 2018 spoilers: Akeem Griffiths gets a visitor as prison task continues

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights.

In this evening's show, the latest shopping challenge continues.

This week, housemates have been split into wardens - Sian, Zoe and Cameron - and inmates - Akeem, Brooke, Lewis, Cian and Tomasz - at Big Brother's Correctional Facility.

The wardens were led to believe that they must ensure the inmates follow all rules to pass the task.

However, unknown to the them at the start, the real task involves a convict named 'Dirty Dave' who secretly communicates to the prisoners in their cell. He's been setting the prisoners various secret challenges which they must complete without the wardens finding out.

And as part of the twist, the prisoners are able to spy on the wardens using a secret TV screen within the jail. It enables the prisoners to both watch and listen to the wardens.

It led to lot of fun and drama in last night's show, which continues this evening.


Tonight, one of the Big Brother inmates gets a visitor.

Big Brother announces: "Akeem has the power of knowledge and is the only inmate that will receive a visitor from the outside world."

In the Diary Room, Big Brother tells him: "One of your closest loved ones is waiting for you. You may ask this visitor any question you like to gain knowledge about the outside world."

Meanwhile, Cameron thinks he and the other wardens are being too harsh on the inmates.

He tells Sian: "You can have a laugh. We can all get in to characters but there's getting into characters and then there's just treating people like s**t that we've lived with for six weeks. That's what I didn't like yesterday. That's why I was annoyed at you both.

"There's getting into roles and then there's basically treating people like s**t and I'd rather eat noting next week then treat people like s**t. I think it's gone a bit too far."

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.